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Weekend Media Forecast May 26-28

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Weekend Media Forecast. I’m your Mediaologist Brad Morris. We’ve come to the official start of Summer with Memorial Day Weekend. Let us all take a moment to remember those who have served and died in defense of our country. The courage it takes to walk into the line of fire is beyond me. So I say a silent prayer for all the fallen.

This weeks forecast takes some liberties on our military history. While several people prefer ACTUAL historical movies, it seems apparent that “Alternate Facts” have been besieged upon us. With that in mind, a couple of selections take different routes than factual happenings, however they entertain all the same. They were also a part of the KSR Movie playoffs, so I thought it best to include them this week.

Netflix: Inglorious Basterds 

Why To Watch: I’ll admit that I’ve been smitten with Tarantino movies since the beginning. Reservoir Dogs is in my Top 10 of all time. There is the emphasis on certain scenes, which are all long takes, that put your mind into watching a play. Tarantino has such a vast knowledge of older movies and his appreciation shows.

Inglorious Basterds is the unofficial start of a trilogy of films; Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight were the second and third films respectfully. Set in World War II, the film tells two separate stories in linear fashion, which is rare for Tarantino. If you have not seen IB, be advised it does not follow actual events, and also changes history for the sake of storytelling. It also involves everything a Tarantino movie offers, namely violence, blood, and the F bomb. So enjoy this movie without the rug rats around.

Hulu: Top Gun

Why To Watch: If Inglorious Basterds is too vile for your taste, then how about this patriotic take on USA’s Air Force. Although Tom Cruise was well known in the mid 80’s, his Hollywood fame shot higher than the F-14 his character piloted in the movie.

I recently reviewed the movie for the first time in ages, finding that the dogfights and one-liners still can bring a smile to my face. This could well be the perfect movie for date night. Guys come for the action, girls stay for the romance between Maverick and Charlie. If you believe my thinking is wrong with this pick, it was difficult to write, because I was inverted.

TV: TCM Memorial Weekend War Movie Marathon.

Why To Watch: If you want to relive certain events, and have made it a holiday tradition, Turner Movie Classics is the channel to keep tuned into this weekend. It starts on Sunday with Across The Pacific. While I haven’t yet found where they are showing the classic Midway, selections do include:

Twelve O’Clock High

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

Ace of Aces

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales

Why To Watch: The continuing adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow jump onto the big screen this weekend. From a distance this appears to be nothing more than a quick money cash grab from the studio. However the appearance of Javier Bardem as the nefarious Captain Salazar shows promise for the franchise.

This fifth film of the Pirates also brings back the main players of the first three, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. I’ll also add that you in no way need to have viewed the fourth Pirate film to to know what is going on. No need to bring your brain for Captain Jack, just have fun and don’t forget the rum.

Sports: Indianapolis 500

Why To Watch: The open wheel spectacular returns to race around Beyonce style (to the left, to the left) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Of all the races around the world, this is the fastest and most dangerous. Several safety measures have been put into place over the last two decades. The proximity to each others cars still make it a death defying zoom to the finish. If you are attending this year, don’t leave the sunscreen at home.

That’s it for this weekend. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. So salute our fallen heroes, don’t burn the house down flipping cheeseburgers, and remember to buckle up if travelling on the roads. For the Funkhouser Weekend Media Forecast, I’m Brad Morris.  

Article written by Brad Morris

If you see me running, the zombies are coming.