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Walking Dead Recap: “The Cell”

The Funkhouser Walking Dead Recap is guest written by featured writer Brad Morris.

Sooooo… that was an odd one. TWD from time to time has to have a “filler” episode, but this one just seemed to be slightly off. From the way each character was followed, all the way to the choppy editing, this weeks “The Cell” failed to live up to expectations. Spoilers abound from here on out, so if you haven’t watched last nights episode, turn back now. Having said that, let’s try to slog through this, shall we fellow survivors?



This weeks lone highlight is hands down the newer character Dwight. We get to see what a day in his life is like. From the soft, gentle hand of trying make the perfect egg sandwich, to the roaming out in the world catching runaways, to the daily deluge of giving Daryl Alpo dog food sandwiches . Dwight at first appeared to be a one dimensional, straight up bad guy, however we see that he has several struggles in his daily routine. We found out that Negan burned him with an iron for running away awhile back, and worse, that his wife left him for Negan so they could renter the Sanctuary with open arms. When it comes to his story telling, this is where they dropped the ball. You see Dwight fighting off Walkers flying off a bridge, you see Dwight holding his ribs and limping like he’s hurt, and we find out he broke his motorcycle. When do we see all this???? Off camera. Just a 30 second clip of Dwight laying his bike down, or killing the last Walker on top of him, would have made the show stronger. But, it is what it is. We’ll have to see how Dwight’s story progresses in the coming weeks and hopefully the story telling will be ironed out better (too soon?).



Poor Daryl. To have one of your buddies killed is one thing. To be responsible for it is another. In some part of his mind, Daryl may be able to survive being put in a dark cell with no clothes, fed dog food, and no chance of escaping, with the guilt of his actions killing Glenn. Daryl may actually feels he deserves the punishment. And to Daryl’s credit, even after he breaks down crying thinking of Glenn, when offered the chance to live like a king and work for Negan, he still resists and shows that his mind isn’t gone, and may be stronger now than ever before. How he’s going to get out of his predicament, we shall see.



Who is this? Oh, Dwight’s ex-wife, Negan’s current wife, possibly pregnant, and last but not least, a total throw away character. She serves no purpose in the main story line. Moving along…



Boy is this guy slick. Makes his people bow to him when he passes. Takes Dwight’s wife because she’s “Super Hot!”. Even burns Dwight’s face with an old iron just to show he’s a forgiving person??? Just when you think that there’s a possibility he may become a one note bad guy, he shows the controlled side. He plays with people’s minds just to give them hope. Offering Dwight a one night stand with his ex-wife and giving Daryl a chance to move up in the world are very unusual gifts that a baddy usually gives out. He’s definitely not Dr. Evil, giving Daryl a ridiculously easy way of escaping and then getting himself killed. Nope, Negan leaves no stone unturned. Watching him toy with people, but also know all the angles is pretty cool, so far.


Let’s hope that next weeks “Service” will be a return to the great story that The Walking Dead is putting out this season. Because this week just fell off like a Walker off a bridge. If you have any questions or comments, you tweet me @Bhmfire, or my partner in the apocalypse Josh Juckett @banterjosh. This weeks podcast drops on Wednesday as usual, with a special guest filling in for Josh, who is out on assignment. Until then, Ta Ta…

Article written by C.M. Tomlin

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