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Walking Dead Episode Recap: “The Well”


This post is guest-written for Funkhouser by Brad Morris.
Greetings and Well Met Travelers! I art Sir Bradley of the Morris Clan. I greet you and offer guidance to our fair community known as The Kingdom! There you shall find food, medicine, and much needed rest. If thou shalt surrender your weapons whilst in our walls, they shall be given back to you if you wish to leave.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, WHEW! What a welcome respite from the season opener’s grim happenings. This is the usual route the show takes after such a heavy handed episode. Slowing things down and giving all of the viewers a chance to decompress. And of all the past episodes similar to “The Well”, I felt like this one was well done. From introducing new characters, to showing that The Kingdom also has to deal with Negan and the Saviors.



Ezekiel is a welcome addition to TWD universe. Besides the fact he has a cool sidekick (wait for it), he has a certain bravado not seen on the show before. He orates as though he’s performing Shakespeare, he has sayings that his people follow (Take from the Well, and replenish the Well), and he has keen sense of people. He sees straight through Carol’s Suzy homemaker act, and gives Carol the chance to stay and go at the same time. His nuisance between acting as a King for his people and showing that he knows how the real world works will be a tightrope throughout his time on the show, however long that is.



Holy Tiger Claws Batman! A freaking tiger is on TWD now! Josh Juckett and I jumped into some detail on our podcast into what to expect from this mainly CGI character. Shiva’ origin was explained on the show, but I don’t think King Ezekiel touched on the fact she can be bitten by Walkers and not be affected. Also that she feeds on them to fill her belly. And thankfully, the CGI was believable enough that it wasn’t eye rolling worthy (definitely better than the Jumanji lion).



Morgan has an instant liking to The Kingdom. He seems to understand the obsuredness of the situation, but welcomes the vibe that it represents. Morgan is always at battle with his own psyche, and The Kingdom appears to balance it out even more. The future is being set up quickly with Morgan seeing that The Kingdom has a deal with the Saviors, which should have large ramifications in the near future. His sense of caring extends to Carol in taking her there for treatment, and it felt like he was at peace knowing that Carol would be staying close.



I don’t know what the hell is going on in the most WONDERFUL way! Damn Carol. You’ve had a pretty rough time trying to leave one group, only to be saved by another. Trying the Suzy homemaker act didn’t work this time with Ezekiel seeing right through you. I’ve got to believe that by the end of the episode Carol seems to have found her way in the world. Her balance of kill/don’t kill has reached a breaking point, and staying just outside of The Kingdom may be the way she finds herself again. And she even has a gentleman caller at her door!

All in all, this was the way to go after seeing Glenn and Abraham being beaten to death last week. The next week on TWD clip appears to take place entirely in The Sanctuary, a distinctly different community from The Kingdom. And while The Well helped us viewers to feel better about two of our favorite characters, next weeks The Cell appears to put us in that sinister mode again. Lets hope that Daryl minds his manners. I’ll be curious to see if they show how he’s dealing with the fact that punching Negan led to Glenn’s death.

You can tweet at myself at @Bhmfire, or my trusty cohort Josh Juckett @banterjosh, in advance of our podcast. We’ll answer any questions you may have from the first two episodes of Season 7. Until then, ta ta…

Article written by C.M. Tomlin

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