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Wait . . . Could “Sleepy Hollow” Actually Be Good??


Here’s me circa 8:59 pm last night:

Ok . . . might as well check out this new show about Ichabod Crane being reanimated in the present-day town of Sleepy Hollow, Connecticut to fight the similarly reanimated Headless Horseman, co-starring the 7-Up Yours guy and Harold-sans-Kumar, just to see how stupid it’s going to be.

Then, here’s me approximately 1 hour later:

Holy moly . . . that was actually pretty good.

To be fair, part of what made last night’s premier of Sleepy Hollow (Fox, Mondays @ 9EST) good was that the premise was as incredibly stupid as advertised. The show made it work, though, by not shying away from that stupidity a bit. There’s something I find undeniably likable about that sort of brashness, and there was enough charisma, intrigue, and genuine creepiness to enjoy along the way.

So in spite of my low expectations, it looks like this show could shape up to be a nice monster-of-the-week thriller. As it turns out, this Sleepy Hollow‘s Headless Horseman is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (again, hilariously stupid), which means that our heroes are going to spend each week battling some baddie intent on bringing on the end of the world. Or, to put it in mathematical terms:

Once Upon a Time American Horror Story + The X-Files Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sleepy Hollow. 

And I think I buy it. America seemed to agree last night, when 10 million tuned in to give Fox it’s biggest drama premier of the last six years. As skeptical as I was this time yesterday, I’m pretty excited to see if they can keep it up.


Article written by J.D. Holler