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Top 5 WTF Moments from the Godzilla Series

After 10 long years without a Godzilla film the big green monster is back in action this Friday with the release of Legendary Picture’s Godzilla. Sixty years ago the King of the Monsters made his debut and he’s been entertaining audiences ever since. However, it hasn’t all been laser beams and tail swipes for the scaly one and there have been plenty of moments that are simply confusing. Here are my picks to the top 5 moments that make you say WTF:

5. This Aerial Shot  (Godzilla Raids Again, 1955)

One year after the king of the monsters was unleashed upon the world came Godzilla’s counterattack. A movie which saw Godzilla square off with another monster for the first time and unleash a franchise that is still going today. Still, it has a moment that makes you go WTF when they include an aerial shot of a stationary Godzilla. Even back in 1955 this shot had to take you out of the moment and just laugh. Rubber suits look great in motion but stationary they are just ridiculous.

4. Godzilla Vs. Barkley

First, full disclaimer, I had this poster on my wall when I was a kid right next to one of Lil’ Penny. It was awesome. There are few things is the world more nineties than this photo. First, you have Godzilla wearing some awesome rec specs as he attempts to stuff the round mound of rebound. Barkley is shooting on a nonexistent goal as the entire city appears to be exploding. The poster was for a Nike commercial in Japan but the folks in Beaverton liked it so much it came to good ol USA in the form of insane comic books, shirts, and other tie ins. Almost as shameless as the current Snickers commercial all over your TV.

3. Godzilla’s Victory Dance (Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero, 1965)

What is a monster to do after kicking a new challenger’s ass handily? How about bust-a-move! That’s what Godzilla decided to do the first time he squared off with the monster known as King Ghidorah. Godzilla was slowly going from a symbol of nuclear destruction to Japanese hero and comic relief. Moments like this are awesome for all the wrong reasons.

2. Godzilla Takes Flight (Godzilla Vs. Hedorah, 1971)

Everything about this part of Godzilla vs. Hedorah is ridiculous. The music. The effects. The concept. The physics. The seventies were mostly bad time for the big G and Hedorah kicked it off in the worst way with a terrible bad guy and scenes like the one above. What were they thinking?

1.The Infamous Godzilla Drop Kick (Godzilla Vs. Megalon, 1974)

There are no words to properly describe the above clip except WTF. Yes, that is a 300 foot tall lizard drop-kicking a sea beast while a giant robot ensnares said beat. Yes, it happens twice. Yes, someone thought it was a worthy scene when they wrote, filmed, and edited this movie. To top it all off Godzilla is basically only in the movie to drop kick Megalon and then go home.


With over sixt years on film Godzilla has certainly had some highs and lows. From epic showdowns against robots and moths to showing us how to be a dad the king of the monsters has earned his place in pop culture history. Hopefully, the release of this year’s movie will keep him around for 60 more.

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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