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The Weekend Media Forecast


(Written for Funkhouser by Brad Morris)

Welcome to this weekends Media Weekend Forecast. Once again I, Brad Morris, am here to bring you the comings and goings of what to look forward to on the big screen, and little one as well. This week looks family friendly, and you’re going to need it with the ACTUAL weather looking kind of crappy for the next three days. So lets peruse around and see what looks good, shall we?


Netflix: Secret Life Of Pets

Why To Watch: From the same people that created Despicable Me, this movie was funnier than I thought it would be. Of course we’ve been mesmerized with everything Disney and Pixar have given us over the years. So for Illumination Entertainment to expand beyond Gru and his minions, this was a make or break film. They definitely make it. With enough humor to keep both the kiddos happy and parents from falling asleep, this is a sweet kids movie. Also pay close attention to the cat, Chloe, who steals the show. Not that she would care, she’s a cat. Have fun with this one.
Why Not To Watch: It’s a cartoon. You hate the laughter of children. You have no children.


Hulu: Disney Movies

Why To Watch: There is a plethora of old Disney movies that are available on Hulu. Want some high seas adventure? Muppet Treasure Island. Classic fairytale? Princess and The Frog. How about a holiday movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas takes care of two. Looking for a regal tale of Greek legend? Hercules, Hercules, Hercules! And my choice, which is in the musical category? Newsies, starring a tween Christian Bale. Basically the opposite of Netflix, this is the tried and true movie studio we’ve loved over the years.
Why Not To Watch: You hate pirates. Have no time for fairytales when the world is as bleak as it is now. Don’t celebrate the holidays. And musicals? Don’t get me started.


TV: Silicon Valley (HBO)

Why To Watch: Of course we’re all waiting for Game of Thrones to return. However that’s still three months away. While we wait for the brooding of Jon Snow, how about a few laughs? Silicon Valley is a clever look at the California tech industry. Self deprecating humor and a stellar cast, led by Thomas Middleditch, has found its way into my weekly viewing. I’m sure that this season will be hurt by not following GOT, but with VEEP returning as well, there’s nothing better to catch on a Sunday night.
Why Not To Watch: You are technically illiterate. The humor escapes you. And worst of all, you don’t have HBO.


Movies: Born In China

Why To Watch: I told you it was family friendly this week! While the promos have focused on cute and cuddly Panda bears, you and the children will also be treated to snub nosed monkeys and snow leopards. It follows these different species for one full year in the wild. It always amazes me that people actually go out and film this. What patience they must have to wait for those perfect moments captured on film. The American version is narrated by John Krasinski of The Office fame.
Why Not To Watch: Just looking at animals makes you think of how much they must smell. This is the USA and I don’t want no Chinese propaganda movie in my country! Wait, are those monkeys?


Sports: Cubs vs Reds

Why To Watch: It’s the first time this season the Cubbies come to Cincinnati. Coming off their first World Series victory in 1,293 years, the Cubs bandwagon is still so full the wheels are about to fall off. Myself being a Reds fan, it’s nice to see the team has gotten off to a good start to the season. When you aren’t expecting much from them in the first place, any growth is good. The Reds are still a couple of years away from contending, but this is still an early season battle for first place in the division. So lets not raise the flag and instead hear #ATOBTTR.
Why Not To Watch: Baseball.


While that is all for the forecast, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that what I’ll be watching was a part of last weekends forecast. The NHL playoffs are starting to really impress. With Tyler Thompson’s Predators taking down the mighty Blackhawks, hockey has been on KSR almost everyday this week. Don’t take it at face value! Playoff hockey is addictive. Don’t believe me? Look up tony x on twitter. Dude stumbled onto a game last year and is hooked and hilarious, although NSFW. Myself, I’ll be watch my New York Rangers trying to finish off the Canadiens in game 6 Saturday evening after an amazing OT victory last night (Mikachu, I choose you!).

With that shameless plug, I’ll sign off for this week. This has been your Mediaologist Brad Morris.

Article written by C.M. Tomlin

All I want is a HI-C and a turkey sandwich. @CM_Tomlin