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The Walking Dead: ‘Us’ and Them


Slowly starting to trickle in to where we’ve been heading all season.  That’s right, no big surprises here as our first group reaches Terminus with the others only a short distance behind.  After a season’s worth of meandering across the surprisingly kudzu-free rural Georgia landscape, it’s finally time to see what Terminus, and Macon, are all about.

This episode also was one of the first not to concentrate on just one of groups.  In fact, we at least checked in with the majority of our prison groups, had some happy reunions and even a little playfulness.  Don’t get me wrong, there was still a lot of walking.  A lot of walking.  But at least there was Eugene and Joe to keep things moving.  These are definitely two of my favorites at the moment and they did nothing to hurt that perception here.  Not sure if things are going to blow up next week or if we’re just going to be treated to a bunch of different tearful reunions next week, but we’ll be there either way!


The first group we catch up with shows us that Glenn is still forcing everyone to search for Maggie, keeping Sgt. Ford and Eugene from getting the latter to Washington.  The rest of them are really starting to like Tara, who is still following Glenn’s every whim.  Eugene thinks that Zombie Dinosaurs would be the coolest video game ever, and I agree.  I know this is a drama and all, but does anyone else disagree that the Walking Dead would not be at least a kajillion times cooler with dino zombies?  Who cares what silly explanation they have to come out with!  Dino Zombies!  Maybe that’ll be the spin-off.


They’re chugging along the tracks until Glenn sees one of the bloody messages that Maggie had been leaving for him along the way.  Then, in full riot gear, he takes off running and everyone else has the “Really, Glenn?” looks on their faces.  I agree.  We get that he and Maggie are head over heels, but they’re both acting a little crazy and putting other people in danger fairly often.  And what’s it been?  A week since the prison?  They both need a chill pill.  Either way, after running the morning away, the rest of the group wants to stop for a rest.  This does not please the Glenn who offers Eugene his riot gear in exchange for continuing at that pace until dusk.  That being a deal too good to pass up, Sgt. Ford agrees.

When they come upon a tunnel filled with Walkers though, that’s the end for the partnership.  Glenn and his indentured servant Tara have to go in because, that’s where Maggie went.  But Gene, Rosalita, and Sgt. Ford realize that it’s too dangerous.  They go back to the last crossroads and find a van.  Then Eugene, crafty as he is, tricks them into driving to the other end of the tunnel because, obviously, Glenn and Tara got into trouble.  Who do they find on the other end, but Maggie, Bob, and Sasha!  Zombies blown away, day saved, love reunited!  I suppose I’m happy that Glenn and Maggie are reunited if only because them pushing poor, single people into dangerous situation after idiotically dangerous situation just so that they can find each other more quickly was getting kind of old.

Meanwhile, when’s the last time we saw this happen?

rick smile

What is that?  Also, who carved the anarchy symbol into his forehead?  When we catch up with the Rickette’s, Carl and Michonne are playing a game over a candy bar and Rick, all he has to do is sit back and laugh.  No peas to grow, no Gov to get beat up by, no group to maintain.  Rick is living the (very relative) high life.  Let’s get this man a beer.

Unfortunately for Rick, he’s being tailed.  Turns out that the bikers he tried to off were the same ones who picked up Daryl last week.  Joe and his merry gang (Kris Kristofferson and the Paradoxes) aren’t too happy with Rick.  Apparently the one that got choked out while Rick was under the bed saw his face.  So that probably won’t be good.  But until then, Joe is great.  He’s got rules.  You have to claim things.  You don’t lie.  Otherwise, things are gonna have to go that other way.  Joe is also a cat guy.  He likes them because they’re vicious.

He’s also taking to Daryl, who is obviously a little hesitant to join a new group so soon.  It doesn’t help that ‘Len’, a jerk who is trying to teach Daryl a lesson (and looks like a less sympathetic version of ‘the Hound‘), keeps messing with him.  This comes to a head when a rabbit that Len had claimed, but Daryl had shot, ends up in Daryl’s bag.  If our buddy had stolen it and lied, he’d have a beating coming to him.  But unfortunately for Len, Joe had seen him plant it.  Len is beaten to death and now, do we think Daryl is becoming loyal to this new group?  Has he forgotten about Beth this quickly?  It certainly seems so when he starts playing the ‘claimed’ game on the tracks.

kris and d

Daryl seems to at least be considering it and, why not?  Who knows where that car went?  And Joe seems like a guy with, at the very least, a code.  He has a sweet shirt, he’s got moonshine, and–I’m just saying–what if he breaks into a great rendition of ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down?’  We’ll see what happens though because, at this point, everyone’s on the tracks nearing Terminus.

One group is there though.  Glaggie? Magglenn? and crew, including Eugene, Abe, Rosalita, Bob, and Sasha ramble up upon Terminus and it seems oddly tranquil (to me).  They walk past lots of farming tools, lots of lived in equipment, all of it looking quiet and domestic.  There’s one lady there and she turns around from a grill and offers them food.  Seems innocent enough, right?  Guess we’ll find out next week!

On to prop bets!  I’m going to watch it again to make sure I got this right, and feel free to leave a comment if I missed something, but by my count (this episode in bold):

Mentions of Shane/Lori/Governor (This Week – Total):  0/0/3  –  3/3/8

Total Walker Kills (This Week – Total): 21 –  140

Blade Kills/Gun Kills (This Week – Total):  4/14  –  47/51

Tyreese let Carol live! (1 pt.)

Lizzie was definitely our Dissector!  (1 pt)

Michonne Katana Kills/Daryl Crossbow Kills (This Week – Total):  0/4*25/7

Carl Walker Kills: 4

Rick Human Kills: 1

Rick and Beth won’t be together because Beth and Daryl… (1 pt)

Carol is back! (1 pt)

Judith is back, and alive! (1 pt)

Talking Dead Guests (This Season):  Steve Yeun (Glenn), Josh McDermitt (Eugene), Melissa McBride (Carol), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), Norman Reedus (Daryl), Emily Kinney (Beth Greene), Michael Cudlitz (Sgt. Abraham Ford), Alanna Masterson (Tara), Greg Nicotero, Danai Gurira (Michonne)

With just a week to go, it’s looking like the tiebreaker’s going to have to do it!  Here are your leaders heading into the finale!

Initials Points
DC 14
JA 14
DP 13
LD 13
JG 13

Article written by Kalan Kucera

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