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The Walking Dead Recap: Sing Me a Song


The Walking Dead Recap is written by guest features writer Brad Morris.

Finally!!!! Thank you Walking Dead! You managed to suck us back in again. After a slow, and at times painful, 3 weeks of television, you righted the ship and brought us a great story. Jumping between several characters, but focusing on two for the majority of the episode “Sing Me A Song”, you’ve managed to make me believe that the best is still yet to come. Let’s dive into some characters shall we?



Rick’s little boy has grown up to be an angst teenager. What to do to let off some steam??? TP the neighbors house? Nah. Drink some beer behind the bar? Too easy. Oh wait! I know! Let’s jump in a truck and shoot a bunch of guys at the Sanctuary 👍🏼. After killing a couple of bad hombres, Carl gets taken in by Negan for the grand tour. And what a tour it is. I’ll get into the tour in a minute, but let’s just talk about Carl’s stupidity. I mean really dude? Hopping in the back of a box truck to see where the bad guys live is one thing. Actively shooting from the truck and being outnumbered 600-1 is befuddling. There is zero chance of survival in this situation. But given what happens after he gets caught is what drives this episode. Especially his new friend…



This was it. This was the episode that Jeffery Dean Morgan was in character so well, all I could see was Negan. His dominance over his people, his one liners that both frightens and brings a smile to your face, his harem of women, etc. This was Negan’s show to shine. We see he CAN be a nice guy, but sometimes he CAN’T be a nice guy. “Those are the rules.”


I could dedicate this entire post just to him and be happy for it. But I leave it at this. The “stuff and things” he has done up until now were almost tame. Killed two favorite characters with a baseball bat? Not bad. Taking Daryl prisoner? Just a day at the office. Smashing a scalding hot iron onto a rule breakers face? Part of the business. None of that matters until now. The scariest, spookiest, character defining move Negan has made is…


That’s right. Picking up little ass kicker Judith, hanging out on the porch, and drinking lemonade. Who in their right mind would’ve seen that coming off as nerve wracking. And I ate it up. The terror coming off the screen was almost palpable.


We did see a few other characters in the episode, and I think that helps to not make it stall or stale at any point. There was always something happening. Rick and Aaron out on a supply run. Michonne grabbing a Savior and forcing them to head for the Sanctuary. Father Gabriel telling Spencer what a little [email protected]&$ he is, but can grow out of. Eugene made Rosita a bullet. Lot of little moving parts around the edge, but this episode was Carl and Negan’s from the beginning, and we’re all the better for it. Josh is back this week for the podcast and it’s drops tomorrow. Until then “Ta Ta”…

Article written by C.M. Tomlin

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