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The Walking Dead Recap: “Service”

The following recap is written by guest features writer Brad Morris for Funkhouser.


“Little pig, little pig… Let me in!”

I’m going to admit my previous articles have been pretty straight forward about TWD. I’ve tried to focus on the characters rather than just recapturing the episode. I know you wouldn’t be reading this just so I could tell you what you just watched. It’s like the ships computer repeating everything you just said. That’s why trying to talk about everyone’s ongoings from last nights “Service” is proving to be difficult for me. There were so many interactions I couldn’t possibly put them all together. So this week, let’s just focus on the main tête-à-tête shall we…


Rick vs Negan

Of course Negan wasn’t going to give Alexandria a full week to await the Saviors arrival. You have to let them know who is in charge from the get go. Not that killing off Abraham and Glen wasn’t enough. You need to push the advantage as quickly as possible. Showing Rick that he was nice guy, Negan took care of a walker at the gate (My new cover bands name), and then showed him just how much control he had by making Rick hold Lucille for him while he walked about town.


The main story of the night was the Saviors plundering our heroes great town of supplies. But these weren’t just any supplies. Every gun in the town was gathered up. Most of the medicine too. But then the psychological games really began. First they didn’t take any food. Negan gave the excuse he knew they were low to begin with anyway. Then they took all the mattresses. More on that later.


Negan was forced to threaten another death by Lucille when the gun count was off. This proved a great test for Rick to find them to stop any bashing. After the guns were of course found, Rick also gives Negan the gun Michonne had been practicing with (and quite awfully I might add). Negan seems to trust Rick a little bit more when said guns are brought to him and the saviors leave, but not before he gives Rick maybe the best dialogue ever put on the show, and the reasoning for why TWD went past 10 o’clock. It was so diabolical and crude, I can’t even put it on here, however it was perfect. Didn’t hear it? Go watch again. It’s great TV.


So what did we learn? Two pretty large items as a matter of fact. Rick admits to Michonne that baby Judith isn’t his, but Shane’s. He knows it and raises Judith as his own anyway. Also Rick admits he’s agreeing with every single request by Negan so that no one other person dies because of his arrogance or commands. His will has been broken completely and he wants no more blood on his hands.


I’d give you my Zombie kill of the week, but there wasn’t really a great one. I DID already give you the line of the week. If you haven’t watched, you’ll know it when you hear it. And the last psychological mind trick of the week by Negan and the Saviors was discovered by Michonne at the end. Well, at least there won’t be any bed bugs going around.


As per usual, TWD is setting up the future with these slower episodes. I’d complain about this weeks being too long, but we got that great Negan line as payment (Dang I wish I could just say it, can’t you tell?). Next week we go back to Maggie, Sasha, and the Hilltop to check in at the old fort. Until then, hide the liquor, food, and a couple of sidearms like Spencer, and put that mattress in the attic for safe keeping. Podcast drops on Wednesday, and Josh is back with his words of wisdom. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t ask if you’d seen Dave Chappelle pulling off his own Negan inspired skit on SNL this week. If you haven’t and are a fan of the old Chappelle show, be prepared to soil thyself. Until next week… Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces, do you wish…


Article written by C.M. Tomlin

All I want is a HI-C and a turkey sandwich. @CM_Tomlin