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The Walking Dead Episode Recap: “Say Yes”


The following feature is guest-written for Funkhouser by writer Brad Morris.

Hello again my friends. It’s been a honor to have you following me down the path of The Walking Dead this season. I must apologize for not checking in the last couple of weeks, but sometimes life gets in the way. Now that things are back to normal for me, I can dive in again fellow Walkers and discuss what happened last night on The Walking Dead. Although, was it really TWD? Or a rom-com set in the apocalypse? Let’s talk about Rick and Michonne’s excellent adventure shall we? With a side trip to Rositaville.



How are you sleeping these days? Good I hope. Rick not so much. We find Rick out on a supply run with his mistress of the sword, looking for guns and food. We learn by the end of the episode that Rick has been thinking about the past. All of the good and bad, but mostly about the decisions he’s made along the way that have lead to his friends and families deaths. He specifically mentions Glenn, and how he knew him from the beginning and his inability to keep him alive. We often see Rick make bad decisions, but we never get to see how much weight he carries on his shoulders. This was a great episode to show us just how he’s affected by the carnage. On a side note, I’m loving the dynamic he has with the leader of the Scavengers, Jadis. They have a quirky way of negotiating between them, and I’m looking forward to more banter back and forth. As for Rick and his sleeping problems, I think they’ve put to ease by his main squeeze…



What a great episode for Danai Gurira. We saw such a range of emotion from her this week. Laughing it up, smiling slyly at her bae, losing her composure, and whack off Walker heads. And to be courted over a chili with mac and cheese MRE? Priceless. Michonne seems to be the one doing ok, what with romps in the sack everyday, killing Walkers like swinging a stick in a field, and finding a huge cache of food and guns. Letting your guard down, we find out just how much means to her when it briefly looks like HE has become dinner. At least with Rick’s reemergence, we see that she has the ability to feel something other than dread in this sick world. And she even had her boyfriend take her on a date to the carnival! Several parts of the show make me smile. Seeing Michonne smile is near the top of the list.



Our Latino fox has still got a bug up her ass about killing Negan. Like two days ago. This has not been fun for me to watch because it has driven her character into being so one note, I groan when I see her on screen. Her conversations with Tara and Father Gabriel hammered this point home. At least there may be an end to this soon, because her conversation with Sasha has her pointed down the path to hell finally. If I was a betting man, I’d say by the end of the season we won’t have to worry about her anymore. Speaking of Tara…



Tara has discovered the perfect person to talk to about her dilemma with the Oceansiders, Judith. Who better to bounce ideas off of than a toddler? They can be brutally honest and wise beyond their years. Judith’s response to Tara was to say nothing, which I think eased Tara into knowing she must tell Rick about the place she visited. Oh wise sage Judith, tell us more of your wisdom!


Well that about sums up our character panel this week. We did see that the Scavengers are going all Veruca Salt on Rick. That want more guns and they want them now! To end with my write up, I’d like to invite you this weekend to check out the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. It runs from Friday to Sunday at the Rupp Arena Convention Center. Amoung the guests announced so far are the Nature Boy Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, and Lee Majors. But for us TWD fans, we’ve got Father Gabriel, Seth Gilliam. Robin Lord Taylor, who’s appeared in only two episodes, but left a lasting impression before heading over to Gotham as the Penquin. And last but not least, Merle will be in the house! Michael Rooker, who has been in so many movies and TV shows, it’d take hours to go over all his characters. We will also be doing a special edition of the Kentucky Deadcast this weekend with Louisville author Tony Acree, whose Victor McCain novels have found a large following, with his foray into the world of demons, God, and a hot chick with a sword. I hope all is well with you. Until next time, ta ta…


Article written by C.M. Tomlin

All I want is a HI-C and a turkey sandwich. @CM_Tomlin

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  1. AuthorDude
    10:23 pm March 6, 2017 Permalink

    Hot chicks with swords are always a plus. My wife didn’t even give me grief over my fictitious creation. Well. Hmm. Not TOO much grief. While I know Rick and Michonne wanted romantic time alone, their taking on a huge amount of walkers with no help, with everything that is at stake and the means (all the guns) to reach their objectives seemed more than a bit risky. Then again, time alone in a the world of TWD might be worth it.