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The Walking Dead Episode Recap: “Go Getters”


This recap is written by Funkhouser guest features writer Brad Morris.
I love it when my previous career comes back into my life. Being a firefighter and paramedic for almost 13 years was a fulfilling way to make a living. And with tonight’s show, I got to see some fire, and also hear people spewing medical terms. Having said that, let’s talk about our many characters we got to see on this weeks “Go Getters”.



Maggie looks pretty rough when she wakes up in the medical trailer, but not nearly as bad as when she was leaving the scene of her husbands murder. Dr. Carson, whose location at the Hilltop started this whole storyline, explained that Maggie and the baby were going to be just fine. Maggie’s cramping was due to abruptio placentae, a real medical condition where the placenta becomes separated from the uterus. Potentially a horrible condition, but this doesn’t slow Maggie down. We see her stand up to both the horde of walkers sent into Hilltop, and to Gregory and his male chauvinism. She proclaims for the first time her last name is Rhee, forever connected to Glen. It’s clear from this episode that Maggie will soon take over leadership of this community from…



Gregory is the worst kind of leader in this world, a coward. From not knowing anyone’s name, to trying to kick out good people because they threaten his authority, Gregory exudes trouble waiting to happen. Of course he tried to sell out the refugees, and was met with the loss of his liquor stash. What happens to Gregory from here will be swift and possibly deadly for him. Kudos to Xander Berkeley for his performance, because I really hate his character.



Jesus is a man of action, but Gregory has put the reins on him for some reason. When the Saviors gift the Hilltop with a walker bonfire and loud music, he’s frozen because of his obligations. Thankfully, Maggie snaps him free with her directions. His kung fu is strong. And his sense of loyalty to saving people is on full display when he hides Maggie and Sasha from the Saviors. We’d been waiting for Jesus to show off his skills, and thankfully we got to see that this week. Let’s see what happens on the road trip with…



I see that Carl got his driving prowess from his mother. If you can’t hit a dartboard with six shots, you shouldn’t be driving in the zombie apocalypse. We did get to see his budding relationship with Enid grow into a date with several teenage cliches. Holding hands, roller skating, and first kiss. Just not sure jumping in the back of the Sanctuary bound box truck with only a knife is a great idea. But it does bring back a Season 2 question… “Where’s Carl?” “Not in the house.”



I like Simon! While he is a Savior, and Negan’s right hand man, he does it with bravado. And he doesn’t seem to be quite as mean spirited as Negan can be. Let’s hope he can stick around for awhile.


There were other minor going ons in the episode. Sasha asked to stay and pay Maggie’s way into the Hilltop. We did see that Richonne is still strong, even if they’re mad at each other. And A A Ron is going out with Rick on a supply run. After our blast off from the season opener, we’ve slowed down each and every week. Let’s hope we’re rewarded for our patience soon. We’ll see you this week for our Thanksgiving Podcast. Enjoy stuffing yourself. Ta Ta.


Article written by C.M. Tomlin

All I want is a HI-C and a turkey sandwich. @CM_Tomlin