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The Walking Dead: ‘Crossed’


Good morning friends and fellow Walking Dead aficionados!  I was writing this recap last night when I realized that I had seen a prophecy enacted.  It’s not only me though, you too have seen this very prophecy.

Now, some people might say, “this isn’t a prophecy, you’re just just using something that happens to vaguely line up with the plot.  I mean, not even that really.”  To those people I say, Shut Up.  You.  You’re.  It’s.  Just Shhh.

Because we–you and I reader–we know.  We, the humble, lowly masses, might not have realized what we saw but after last night’s episode it’s clear that we had been spoken to.  I mean really spoken to.  We assumed that The Walking Dead had, again (and again!), lost what was a fast moving story line to go backwards, to revisit tired themes and locals.  Listen, though, to the words of the prophet:

Amigos, if that isn’t the most apt description of the plot of The Walking Dead, I don’t know what is!

We’ve moved back, and back, and back and here we are in Atlanta again.  Certainly the circumstances are different, but like the prophet says, (cooly sips on a Lone Star while starin’ off into the infinite star lit cosmos) sometimes you gotta go back, to actually move forward.  To the ‘Cap!

PS.  Thanks as always to my 3-5 #BBWD buddies (Dave Scott, Nick Nafpliotis, and Tara)!  You guys are doing great work!  If you want to get in on the fun, just tweet during next week’s season finale with that hashtag and we can all discuss what happens together in the Recap!

(PSS.  I’ll be on the road next weekend, starin’ down Ol’ Cyrus.  Unfortunately, this is going to delay next week’s Recap until late Monday night or Tuesday morning, probably.  I’ll update on Twitter later in the week as to the exact time!)

S/O to my 11 year old brother for this sweet, new Spoiler Alert!

S/O to my 11 year old brother for this sweet, new Spoiler Alert!

After a couple of weeks away, we catch up with our favorite group of survivors (I mean, they’ve killed all of the other ones).  There are sounds of beating and chopping as they rip Father Gabriel’s church to pieces.  They’re outfitting the church for defense.  They’re outfitting the church for war!  I personally am hoping they’re not outfitting it for a siege, because we know how it turned out the last time they tried to stay in one place for a long time.  Not very well!!

Rick says he doesn’t want to go back to Atlanta, and Michonne offers to go in his stead, but he refuses.  He says he, more than anyone, owes it to Carol to rescue her.  Gabriel stares sullenly at the message carved into the side of his church.   The gang gets ready to leave as Carl, Judith, Michonne, and Father Gabriel hole up in the church.  Judith weeps little tiny baby tears.  They board up the church doors as Father Gabriel goes a little nuts trying to clean up blood off of the floor.  I wouldn’t bother Gabe, that’s going to take a long time and I’m pretty sure that Mr. Clean was the FIRST thing gone post-apocalypse.



The group heads to Atlanta and the only thing I can think is, “Where’d they get that sweet truck?”  I mean, seriously, wouldn’t the other group have taken that sweet ride to protect Eugene, back when that was a thing?  Anyway, we spend the ride trying to cheer up Sasha vis a vis Bob.  It’s hard work and she isn’t biting.  (In this scenario, we refers to Tyreese.  Because we’re all Tyreese.  #WAT)

Cut to the hospital, Beth starts to clean Carol’s room.  Dr. Nerd… er Ed, interrupts her.  I think he can see that something is up because, well, just about anyone would be able to see that something was up.  Anyone in a super paranoid, post-apocalyptic, kill-to-survive maniac wasteland is just going to assume that something is up.  We’ll see how that goes.

Cut to Glen, well armed, stares at the army of walkers in the fields while they try to wake Eugene up.  They’re still stuck on the road where Eugene made his admission.    It kinda looks like Sgt. Abraham’s punch might have killed Eugene and, well, honestly, who can blame him?  Abraham was led around on a wild goose chase for nothing and is still in shock.  Rosita tries to help him and he comes up threateningly, which Maggie doesn’t like.  She tells him to stop or she’ll shoot him and points the barrel of her .45 right into his mustachioed mug.  He listens to that and sits back down making Maggie kind of a badass now, right?


We cut back to Rick and he and the gang are planning on how to invade the hospital.  Rick makes some really good dirt maps; just wanted to point that out.  Tyreese–like he does–tries to come up with a more humane plan, but Rick puts the kibosh on that.  Daryl likes Tyreese’s plan though, much to Rick’s dismay and so I guess, they’re going to take hostages instead of just cleaning out the hospital.  Something tells me that isn’t going to work but, again, we’ll see.

Back to the church (there are a lot of cuts this episode!) and Gabe is still trying to clean up blood.  Carl offers to teach him how to ‘protect himself.’  Carl then proceeds to drops some truth, some #RealTalk.  Gabe needs to learn how the world do.  Gabe needs to learn how to protect himself.  Gabe needs to become a machete wielding badass. “You can’t stay in one place anymore.  Not too long.”  YES CARL, YES.  Use this wisdom Carl, use it on your group!  Gabe looks ill as he picks up the machete and ambles into his quarters.  Some people are handling the apocalypse better than others.

At the hospital, the cops discuss how they’re going to capture Noah, in front of Beth.  Seems reasonable considering she was in on the escape, right?  Carol, apparently, isn’t doing so well and they decide to take her off of life support.  Beth, mopping very eavesdroppedly (a new word I made up! #MerriamWebster2015), steps up and gets in their faces.  They tell her to kill Carol because they don’t have the power.  There’s obviously too many seasons of Hill Street Blues to watch.  You can’t do both, Beth!  Dawn, the officer in charge, acts scared of her other officers and, who knows, maybe she really is scared.  But Beth trusts too easily.  Dawn tells Beth to save Carol’s life and gives her the key to drug locker.  When Beth questions her motives, Dawn tells her that she sees now how strong Beth is, and that she proved her wrong.  We’ll see about that.


As Sgt. Ford continues to stare into infinity, Glen and the other girls offer to go get water.  Maggie stays to watch over Abraham and Eugene and we see that each of them are still trying to deal with Eugene’s lie.  Or maybe they’re dealing with the fact that they ever believed the dude at all.  Probably that.  Maggie pulls the ladder out of the fire truck while Abraham pouts and uses it to build a sort of tent over top of Eugene and then tells Ford to get over himself.  Go Maggie!

Back at the hospital, Beth goes to see Dr. Nerd.  He lets her in and she grills him on the type of medication Carol needs, you know, because she cares about strangers and KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THIS PERSON.  Beth, in football we would call this telegraphing your throws.  It doesn’t normally work out too well but, hey, we’ll see.  Ed guesses that Dawn gave Beth the key, but tells her what to give Carol anyway.  He wishes her luck.  She’ll need it since she’s trusting a group of psycho cops and a Dr. who has a history of telling her to put incorrect medicine into a person’s IV.  Just sayin’.

Glen, Tara, and Rosita find a creek which is silty and gross.  Rosita rips off part of her shirt and constructs a make-shift water filter and, while it very slowly drips, she tells them how she and Ford got together.  They see ripples in the creek, Glen thinks they’re fish.  Tada!  I don’t have anything else to say about that scene.


Cut to some cops chasing Noah in ATL.  They corner him and cuff him but it was a most clever trap of course!  There’s Rick and Crew!  They, having a lot more guns, convince the “officers” to relinquish their arms, which they do.  One of the officers asks Rick if he’s a cop, can tell that he is, he says.  Right then a car full of hospital cops drive up and open fire.  The gang returns fire, chasing the car and the hand-tied cops into an alley with a bunch of melted walkers.  Is this a trap?  Well, there are FEMA trailers so, yes, definitely a trap.

Daryl starts to search around and finds himself one of the cops from the hospital.  They have a pretty nice fist fight that ends with Daryl on the ground and the cop trying to force his head into a melted walker’s mouth.  Daryl one ups him by ripping off a walker’s head by the eye-holes and beating him in the face with it.  That wins the season’s most gruesome walker kill for sure! Rick ends it by sneaking up on the guy, killing the walker, and aiming his gun at the dude’s head.  He’s about to kill him, but Daryl (going with Tyreese’s plan) convinces Rick that 3 hostages are better than 2.  Especially when the third hostage is Kurt Angle:

They have their three hostages and their plan but, of course, the cops try to talk them out of their plan telling them that they should let them go.  The one ‘nice’ cop begs to be allowed to help them to a peaceful resolution so that he can sleep in his bed.  Come on guys, please don’t believe them!

Back to Glen, Tara, and Rosita who are intent on fishing.  They build a net, forge a bond with Rosita (Glen tells her she’s useful, thanks Glen!), and find some weed in a backpack.  At least it looked like weed to me.  They even catch a fish!  Best day since the Zombie Outbreak?

Michonne checks on Father Gabriel and tries to reason with him, tries to help him see how the world is now.  He doesn’t see.  In fact, he’s using the machete to dig a hole out of his room.  When he gets out he stumbles into the forest with a nail in his foot and a tear in his eye.  When he meets a walker in the forest, he almost kills her, except he can’t because she was wearing a cross.  I hope for his sake that doesn’t come back to bite him! Also, dude:

Back at the hospital, Beth, queen of the black market, creates a distraction so she can steal some drugs.  She uses an old man who, for goodness sake, WINKS at her when his distraction is over.  She is way too confident in how sneaky she is… this is just not going to work out well.  She sneaks into Carol’s room and administers the Epinephrine, which may or may not be what Carol needs.  But if she does wake up, Beth will be right there making it super obvious that they know one another!

Tyreese and Sasha work around the melty walkers and our man Tyreese seems to finally have a breakthrough!  Back in the warehouse, The other, “good” cop tries to tell Rick about Dawn, but it’s time to go.  They’re heading out in 10 minutes.  Our good cop is named ‘Bob’ (henceforth ‘New Bob’), and he says the ‘real cops’ are all gone.  The real everything is gone ‘New Bob’.  Rick leaves, but Sasha stays to chat and I get the sneaky feeling that Bob is up to no good.  He’s working on Sasha.  I really don’t trust ‘New Bob’.  I’m just guessing now, but I’ll bet they should’ve gone with Rick’s plan.  ‘New Bob’ tells a story about his buddy Tyler, who is a melted walker now, and it seems a little too convenient.  She agrees to kill walker Tyler for him, and now he’s leading her to the south side of the building.  It’s a trap!

Back to the firetruck and Maggie and Ford are still sitting there.  She offers him water, he sits.  They chat about life.  He wants to live and grabs the water.  Aaaaaannnnnddddd Scene!  Eugene makes a really gargling noise, is he alive or dead?  Do we care?

On the way back from the creek, Glen, Tara, and Rosita bond.  They’re all laughs and fish and weed and happy.  Something is wrong with this music too, right?  Things are way too chummy right now for everything to be ok.  Something terrible is about to happen.

Cutting back to the warehouse, Sasha and ‘New Bob’ go to the South Side and… of course, OF COURSE ‘New Bob’ knocks her out and runs off.  Of course he does.  Credits roll and we’re left a week to imagine all of the new things that can go wrong!


This was a classic Week 7 Walking Dead episode in that it did very little except to set up what we know is going to be an explosive finale.  It wasn’t bad, it did its job, and I hope to hell that what Tara found was a big, bad, bag of green.  Who doesn’t want to see a stoned zombie?

Either way, next week will be big.  Apparently it’s so gut-wrenching that it made Norman Reedus cry for an hour, so something big is going to happen.  What did you think of the episode?  Did you like all of the cutting back and forth?  Should they have gone with Rick’s plan? (yes)  Let us know!!


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Article written by Kalan Kucera

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