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The Waiting Game (of Thrones)

We’re in the home stretch.  Less than one week until the return of critically acclaimed and theory-obsessed Game of Thrones.  At this point, if you’re a GoT fan you’re anxiously awaiting the season 7 premiere.  It’s been over a year since we were last in Westeros and in the absence of any substantial rumors and information, the suspense for the return is palpable.  You’ve made it this far without any new episodes, but if you want to wet your GoT whistle here are some things you can do to get through these final days.

Tuesday night-Wednesday: Get caught up on Kentucky Thrones Radio

Nick and TJ have been bringing GoT fans up to speed on the goings on in Westeros.  If you can’t quite remember where we left off, who is dead, or the current state of winter, then binge these pods before Sunday.  You can check out the different ways to listen here.

Thursday: Track down a good GoT conspiracy theory and dive into it.

There are a number of really intriguing theories in the GoT universe.  Last season saw one of the biggest theories confirmed with the reveal of Jon Snow’s mother.  There are many other fun theories to invest in.  For book lovers, the Grand Northern Conspiracy is still one of the most thorough and intriguing theories out there.  You can get the full theory here.  Those who are primarily interested in the show might want to take a peek at the theory of Davos being the Prince Who Was Promised.  You can check that out here.  If you’re feeling really froggy, just go to Google and type in “Game of Thrones conspiracy theories”.  You won’t be disappointed.

Friday: Get your friends together and bet on who’s going to die.

Dead pools have been popping up everywhere for the upcoming season.  The GoT death game is so big that characters are getting odds for their survival.  Now there are many ways to enjoy this.  You and your friends can do a fantasy-style draft and whoever has the most survivors at the end of the season wins.  You can do straight up wagers with your friends using some lines that may or may not be available online.  You can also just spend each week hoping and praying for the death of Samwell Tarly.  However you decide to enjoy death, please enjoy it responsibly.

Saturday: Pay homage to your favorite fallen characters

Speaking of death, we all have our favorite characters in this show whose death caught us off guard and left us sad.  While many of the deaths are indeed grim affairs, some deaths are worth celebrating and therefore worth reliving.  So whether it’s the Red Wedding, Joffrey’s wedding, Tywin’s toilet, or Ned’s head, take a trip down memory lane to prepare yourself for what’s likely to come.

Sunday evening: Watch the last two episodes of Season Six again

Even if your Saturday death episode marathon included these two episodes, watch them again.  Season six ended with two of the best episodes of the entire series.  Remember when Jon Snow stared down Ramsay’s armies?  Remember when Cersei exacted her revenge…on everybody?  How about the sight of Daenerys’ army setting sail?  Not only do these two episodes serve the purpose of refreshing you, they are just exceptionally well done episodes and will get you pumped leading up to the series premiere.

I understand some of you may have lives and aren’t able to get to everything on this list.  In the event you find yourself with only a few minutes to get pumped up for the new series, just watch this and get ready for Winter.





Article written by Josh Juckett