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The Flawed & Flawless Moments From Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life


There are so many spoilers below! You have been warned. 

Over the holiday weekend, some parts of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life felt like a food coma fever dream.  In my tryptophan induced stupor, it was hard to determine if Lorelai’s hats were truly terrible or if the talking ravens were real.  Consuming all of the episodes in such a short time frame felt like an accomplishment. Like Cheryl Strayed, I too set out on a wild, impossible journey and found more clarity and peace in the end.  Though we never got the shot of boot throwing into the canyon, I do believe that there were moments that were just as memorable and flawless as Reese Witherspoon in the wilderness.

There was one scene in the series that was absolutely flawless. But, before I unveil this highly anticipated announcement, let me tell you which scenes are absolutely flawed.

Flawed: Anything involving a Wookiee.

Rory’s one-night stand story line is painful. I truly hope they have another season so that when Rory has her baby, its first words are “UUUHHHRRR AAAHHHHRRR.” That’s a terrible Chewbaccca joke, but apparently in 2016 the standards are lower.

Flawed: Stars Hollow: The Musical

I love a good Stars Hollow ear-worm and Hamilton tribute, but Stars Hollow: The Musical was too long. You cannot have ten minutes of zero plot development (especially, when the series is set up for binge watching.) This should be the first rule in the Netflix bylaws.

Flawed: The Hep Alien Reunion

How Paris feigned interesting during their “I’m a Man” song, I’ll never know. Paris doesn’t suffer fools, but for two minutes, she put up with listening to a sub-par pop song. Impressive.

Flawed: The Life and Death Brigade Shenanigans

Long ago, I went through an Across the Universe phase. I didn’t need to relive it during my Gilmore Girls reunion. Those top hats were terrible. I also went through a Moulin Rouge phase. I don’t need to relive it during my Gilmore Girls salsa dancing scenes. The whole thing is as infuriating as Logan’s stupid face.

Flawed: The Wedding.

I loved it and never wanted it to end.

Flawless: The Paper Delivery Scene

First, there’s something you need to know about me.  I love more than any other cinematic trope the moments when people have to come together and complete a task.  Nothing brings me more joy than to see people problem solve with their collective creative thinking.  For me, nothing beats the “square peg in a round hole” scene in Apollo 13.  Nothing.  Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life had a “square peg in a round hole” moment.  During the “Summer” episode, Rory needs to deliver the Stars Hollow Gazette (square peg), but she doesn’t have any delivery boys (round hole.). Paired with the perfect Nancy Sinatra song and a few “women-are-directionally-challenged” jokes the scene solidified my approval of the reboot.

The “These Boots Are Made For Walking” scene is flawless.

To begin, the song selection is perfect.  The slow, descending bass line is the embodiment of Rory’s dwindling confidence.  The song is a cultural touchstone. People are born knowing the lyrics and exactly what the boots were made for.

This scene is also perfect because it stars the only unaccredited talent in the series–the town. We get a quick tour of the town. Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy seeing Mrs. Kim’s antique store and learning that their dentist’s name is Dr. Eastside.

It’s flawless.

There is yelling over the gazebo. There is choreographed karate. There was a change in the tone of the show. Before the paper delivery, there were wookiees, love triangles, and heart wrenching funerals. During the paper delivery things seemed a little brighter. It was summer. People were working together to get the square peg to fit in the round hole. The Gilmore Girls were back with a purpose and all felt right again.

Article written by Megan Suttles

I can't decide if I want to use this space to be witty or insightful. I guess it will be neither.

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