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The Entertation Index: July 3-7

As always, each week KSR’s Funkhouser collects the best of pop culture. And as always, The Entertation Index collects the best of the week for your consumption.


Bird, Big — North Korea is developing stronger, more advanced missiles. The Russians are allegedly collecting an unprecedented amount of American intelligence. The United States healthcare system is haywire. So here’s the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video, starring Sesame Street characters. Because some things don’t have to be terrible.
Link: Beastie Boys’ Sabotage Featuring Big Bird and the Sesame Street Gang

Boys, Beastie — See Bird, Big

Courtney, Barns — During the Summerfest Music Festival in Milwaukee this week, British musician Barns Courtney made the impromptu decision to leap from the stage in a defiant stage dive and no one in the crowd broke his fall, leading to a broken foot for the songwriter. To be fair, though, Courtney has been described as “a mixture of Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons,” which would denote that he should have been well aware that not a single one of his fans possesses the human strength to catch a human being.
Link: Barns Courtney Breaks Foot Jumping Off Summerfest Stage

Day, Independence — I don’t care if the Fourth of July was on Tuesday or not, this gif is still the best thing of the week. YOU KNOW IT IS.

Geostorm — Behold the trailer for Gerard Butler’s Geostorm, a new action film from a producer of Independence Day, which will feature the timeless tale of a man who gets sent into space to monitor irregular weather patterns only to find that the weather is being caused by the government, forcing him to kidnap the President of the United States and force the President to stop the weather. And if you guys like that movie, my six year-old nephew has a few more scripts I could let you see. One is about a monkey who can’t stop peeing; Hugh Jackman is currently attached.
Link: Gerard Butler Attempts to Save the World from Climate Change Disaster

Gun, Top — During an appearance on an Australian morning show, pint-sized actioner and Oprah delighter Tom Cruise confirmed that a Top Gun sequel is on the way, probably bowing in 2019. Can someone swing by the Shell station and tell Val Kilmer that? I think he works from 10-6. Thanks.
Link: Top Gun Sequel Will Be Released in 2019

Perry, Katy — Pop singer, one-time Russell Brand slobberer and current Miley Cyrus/Lady Gaga impersonator Katy Perry has run afoul of Australian animal rights activists after a recent ad she did with her teacup poodle ended with her telling the pooch “let’s go chase some koala bears!” The groups unhappy with Perry have called the ad “disgusting” and “inappropriate” and will continue to seek new outlets to preserve animal e-koala-ty. HAHAHAHAHA (I am available for hire, Tire Discounter billboard writers!)
Link: Katy Perry Just Upset Some Koala Activists in Australia

Z, Jay –– The rapper’s digital-only release 4:44, available on the Tidal platform, has been certified platinum after only a week. I don’t know about you guys but I think it’s nice to see something going right for Jay-Z for once.
Link: Jay-Z’s 4:44 Album Reaches Platinum Status After Less Than a Week After Release

Article written by C.M. Tomlin

All I want is a HI-C and a turkey sandwich. @CM_Tomlin

2 Comments for The Entertation Index: July 3-7

  1. Han
    6:05 pm July 7, 2017 Permalink

    On Top Gun 2, Val Kilmer’s actually been doing a stage play about Mark Twain recently that’s apparently very good. Not for everyone’s tastes, though, as it is influenced strongly by Val Kilmer’s Christian Science faith. (Not as out there as Scientology and such, but Kilmer did say that his faith healed him of some throat cancer, I think it was, that he recently recovered from.) Kilmer’s AMA on Reddit (did or doing another one yesterday or this weekend) was actually one of the better ones a celebrity’s done. Appreciates his success and doesn’t talk down to his fans, gives full answers, etc. Said he would very much like to do the Top Gun sequel.

    As far as I’m concerned, if he’s still able to act anywhere near what he did in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, he needs to still be on screens. That was a great movie with Robert Downey Jr. right before RDJ’s resurgence with Iron Man and Tropic Thunder.