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The Dirty John Live Pod


Debra Newell Stewart and John Meehan are the centerpiece of my most recent podcast obsession, Dirty John. John is a diabolical crook who preys on lonely women.  Debra is normal.  She’s an outlier on the spectrum of episodic podcast personalities.  The two met on a dating site for singles over fifty called “Our Time.”  From there, the couple fell madly in love, even at the request from Debra’s family that she end the relationship.  Debra’s family felt like there was something not right about John.  Their story is a reverse Romeo and Juliet.  The story has everything–a secret Vegas marriage, puppies, scrub analysis and the most satisfying ending to a podcast series that I have ever heard.

There’s only one downside.

Listening to a podcast can be a lonely business.  It’s you, the earbuds and whatever ad the show is shilling that day.  There is already lots of chatter about Dirty John and all of his lies but, I like instant gratification.  Below, is a little present for when you make it to episode six.  A play by play reaction to all of the little moments that makes Dirty John end with finality.    Trust me, when you get to episode six, you’ll want someone to ðŸ˜² with!

Spoilers Below!

0:20- John traced his bloodline to Murder Inc.? That’s definitely that label that Ja Rule is signed with.  Ja Rule and Ashanti really got me through 2002

1:14 – It’s bout time Debra! Cut that man off!

1:19 – I would never expect a sociopath to have a Golden Retriever named Murphy.  He was really playing the long game here.

1:30  – I’m obsessed with how Jacqueline  enunciates.  It’s fascinating.

2:00 – Two minutes in and it’s on.  We are so blessed to get to the action quickly

2:42 – Smashing rental car lights is a real savage move

3:18 – Ads, ðŸ‘Ž

5:11 – Debra! Call ðŸ‘  the 👏police ðŸ‘

5:50 – Not hearing from Terra at this point makes me feel like Terra isn’t going to make it through all of this.  I need to hear her voice!

7:05 – “Terra would be watching for the wrong one” sent shivers down my spine

7:44 – “She had a huge heart for the smallest things.” She doesn’t swing in softball.  I 💗Terra.

8:22 –  Terra’s abduction story is horrifying.

8:59 – Terra’s methy boyfriend story is horrifying

9:05 – Terra’s Taylor Swift heart tattoo is questionable

9:10 – This poor girl has been through it.

9:50 – Thankfully, we get to hear her voice.  She has to live, right?

10:41 –The Walking Dead was a reservoir of survival techniques.”  Is it?

11:31 – Knife 101: Hold the knife tight

11:35 – Knife 102: Don’t cut yourself

12:10 – Knife 103: Kill their brain.

12:41 – Love this transition from “kill or be killed” to zip recruiter. Checks out.

14:38 – Why are fake accents always French?

14:42 – Why are fake dogs always Rhodesian Ridge backs?

15:34 – ⚠️IMPORTANT DETAIL ALERT⚠️ – rain boots!

15:55 –  Jason Aldean has been associated with too many tragedies.  This coincidence is eerie.

16:51 – There’s bear mace!?

17:12 – The fact that the phrase “kidnap kit” has happened enough that it warrants an actual name is disheartening.

18:10 – Oh no! It’s happening! ðŸ˜²

19:26 – I love this dog. #GoodBoy

21:06 – What is she going to do with a beach towel?

22:39 – ⚠️IMPORTANT DETAIL PAYOFF ALERT⚠️ – rain book pedal kicking!

23:08 – Terra says she was “doing this.” WHAT WERE YOU DOING TERRA WE CAN’T SEE YOU!

24:08 – Terra went to Knife 103! Good.

25:16 – These Junior Lifeguards are out here killing it. Was I the only one imagining her doing a slow Baywatch run?

27:03 – “I’m really, really sorry.  I think I killed your husband” Heartbreaking.

28:10 – Yes. Don’t leave Cash!

28:35 – No.  Don’t go to Jason Aldean!

29:22 – Using John’s organs for others is the silver lining to this terribly sad story.

29:55 – I want it to be on record that I dislike the name, Shad.

30:30 – I totally believe that John would fake his death.  This whole podcast might be a trick.

31:22 – John can’t even donate his organs.  It’s sad. So, now the silver lining is appropriately dirty.

32:20 – “You did a good thing” – John’s Sister, what a wild thought

34:14 – Just “researched” pictures of Terra.  She looks tougher than she sounds

34:30 – More commercials, even at the end?

36:43 – “She decided to fight.” I hope she gets that tattooed with a Taylor Swift heart.

37:27 – “Some people are just born bad.”  This sentence will haunt me forever.

37:53 – “Certain predators have green worms in the brain.” Just kidding, this will haunt me forever.

38:56 – Who is doing all of this typing during the interview!

39:30 – I hope if any woman sees herself in Debra they find a solution quickly.

40:14 – I need Terra’s dog to live forever.

41:18 – “And that’s what made me feel like none of this was real.”  That! That part, is what made you feel like none of this was real.  Go on Debra, I can’t with you right now ðŸ˜ 

41:48 – John, a sociopath, this is an understatement

42:03 – Q: Was it possible he was lying to her every time he smiled at her?

               A: Yes.  Emphatically Yes.

42:55 – What is this song.

43:10 – They are free associating words to write this song. I wish I could unhear this.


In the end, here are a few words that I will always free associate with Dirty John: Steroids, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Ambrosia, Our Time, Kidnap Kits, Anesthesiologist, Jason Aldean and The Walking Dead. 

Article written by Megan Suttles

I can't decide if I want to use this space to be witty or insightful. I guess it will be neither.