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The Best Dress Television Has Ever Seen

The Mindy Project is about a single OB-Gyn living in New York City.   Dr. Lahiri, played by Mindy Kaling, is the best dressed character on TV.  No one comes close. The show’s costume designer, Salvador Perez, consistently dresses Mindy in bright pops of color, expensive Chanel coat thingys and the boldest floral prints.  It’s everything.  The looks aren’t practical.  During delivery, Dr. Lahiri is likely to soil her gold Gucci flats.  But that’s not the point.  Her wardrobe is the most important character on The Mindy Project and I’m so here for it.  


The Mindy Project Style chronicles each of the outfits worn throughout all six seasons.   Recently, the website revealed one of the dresses that will be worn on the series finale.  Y’all, it’s perfect. I have no rational reason to wear this dress.  But, then again, what rational reason does Dr. Lahiri have for wearing a $1,295 Lela Rose Floral Jacquard Bell-Sleeve Sheath Dress to work?

The idea of wearing such a spectacular dress is just as fantastical as the dragons on Game of Thrones.  If I let my mind wander long enough, I can dream up a few occasions that I could rationalize wearing this perfect dress.

But first, let’s appreciate what Diane Von Furstenberg has created.  

  1. Although still expensive, the price doesn’t have a comma in it.
  2. Sparkles!
  3. UK Blue and White
  4. Looks like a picnic table cloth caught in a spring rain
  5. Cinched waist for a slimming fit
  6. Gingham is so in right now.
  7. It’s so shiny

I could write more reasons but they are all sparkle adjacent.

The good doctor has proved that although you need a healthy clothing budget, you don’t need a good reason to wear a great dress.  That being stated as fact, all we need is a few somewhat plausible reasons to wear DVF’s gingham masterpiece.  Here’s a few I’ve been kicking around:

💙 When Reese Witherspoon and I finally become friends and she invites me to her Nashville estate

💙 To the grocery store to match my click list bags from the Kroger

💙 To every Spring Keeneland Saturday

💙 Any and every wedding I will ever attend

💙 Anytime I will be near a group of 30 or more people

💙 As I storm the field when UK finally beats Florida

💙 Every 4th of July with a sassy red bandana in my hair

💙 Halloween when I dress up as Dr. Mindy Lahiri from the season finale of The Mindy Project

💙 Anytime I could potentially be near Joanna Gaines for a cool conversation starter

💙 To blend in at any picnic

💙 To clash with any plaids

💙 When I go to get a matching custom made American Girl doll

💙 To wear at home while scrolling through Pinterest

💙 Definitely to a New England clam bake

It’s an odd thing to fantasize about a dress that has yet to appear on a TV show.  Knowing The Mindy Project’s track record, I can guarantee that Mindy will have less than my previous reasons to wear the dress.  She’ll probably be eating something I never knew I’d want (like chicken pie a la mode) and asking her signature question, “Exsqueeze Me?”  None of it makes sense, but then again neither do dragons, incest and chilled zombies, but people seem to love that too.  

Article written by Megan Suttles

I can't decide if I want to use this space to be witty or insightful. I guess it will be neither.