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That’s a Wrap


Five days of panels and exhibitions came to a close Sunday as San Diego Comic-Con wrapped up.  By most accounts, this was a solid showing for most panels; however, there was a lack of the “wow” factor which has accompanied many of the recent SDCCs.  There was too much content to fit a full recap here.  Those looking for full rundowns of all of the panels and showings, you can click here or here.  Since I like you guys I have put together a Cliffsnotes for some of the best moments from this year’s SDCC.  Enjoy!

Quentin Tarantino Educates the Masses

Whether you like Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds) movies or not, there is no denying that he lives in a world of his own.  The self-proclaimed cinephile is a true student of filmmaking, but during a panel for his upcoming western, Hateful Eight, Tarantino became the teacher.  A video was played prior to the panel which featured a brief history of filmmaking using 70mm film.  While addressing the crowd, Tarantino explained his decision to film using 70mm film as opposed to digital and in doing so elaborated on his reasons for shooting Hateful Eight this way.  As a moviegoer I appreciate and enjoy a lot of what digital filmmaking can do for movies, but there is still something to be said for the grittiness of a movie on film.  It feels more authentic and to see Tarantino make a stand for film and to get a peek inside his directing process was one of the better moments of SDCC.  Here is the 30 minute Hateful Eight panel.  (Tarantino talks about filming in the first five minutes and last five minutes.)

Batman vs. Superman Trailer Released

This was almost without a doubt the most widely celebrated piece to come from SDCC.  The trailer for Batman vs. Superman gives audiences a glimpse of nearly all the known characters as well as some teasers for those watching closely.  Since Man of Steel, many have been wondering which direction the DC Comic movies would take opposite their Marvel rivals.  This trailer shows a much darker tone which compares favorably with the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.  The trailer was definitely intriguing and has me much more interested in Batman vs. Superman. At the same time though, this screenshot from I Am Legend is troubling.



I don’t like this foreshadowing.

Deadpool Footage Leaked

One of the benefits to attending SDCC is the exclusive access to clips and footage.  The above mentioned Hateful Eight footage is one such benefit which has, unfortunately, not made it online.  Thanks to modern technology, though, things leak out from time to time.  Grainy leaked footage for Deadpool  made its way around the internet this weekend and more than delivered.  The character Deadpool is a foul mouthed, smart-aleck, and funny mercenary.  His only prior portrayal in a movie was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine which featured only a small bit of Deadpool, but an effective appearance nonetheless.  Going in to SDCC little was known about the movie, most notably whether the “merc with a mouth” would be toned down for the PG-13 comic book movie crowd.  This footage definitively answers that with an emphatic “NO”.  To see the Blair Witch-esque leaked footage click here (NSFW).

Star Wars Behind the Scenes Footage

I am on a mission to avoid as much story information as possible prior to seeing Star Wars Episode VII in theaters.  It is my duty, however, as your faithful pop culture consigliere to keep you abreast of the important news in a galaxy far, far away.  Fortunately, not much was revealed during the Star Wars panel.  There were some characters finally named and more background given on the villains, but for the most part things are still a mystery.  What was really fun to watch was the behind the scenes video shown during the panel.  The video demonstrates director J.J. Abrams commitment to using practical effects and location-based filming.  There is also a clear respect for the Star Wars franchise from Abrams and cast members (old and new) which gives the sense that Episode VII is in good and capable hands.  

Game of Thrones Audtions

Are you guys over the ending of Season Five yet?  I’m not.  (Although there are some interesting fan theories and panel members at SDCC were quick to avoid discussing a certain character’s demise).  In any case there were some hints and nods at what’s in store for Season Six during the SDCC Game of Thrones panel.  The most interesting piece from panel was not about the future of the show; rather, it was about its origins.  Fans were treated a video of auditions from many of the shows characters.  Having watched the video a couple of times I can say that if Gwendolyn Christie (Brienne of Tarth) ever tries to fight me I’m just going to run away.  To see the auditions, click here.

Add your favorite SDCC moment in the comments below!



Article written by Josh Juckett