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Shemar Moore Wins All The Emmys

On Sunday night, amongst Breaking Bad’s penultimate episode and the Steelers/Bears game, there was a little television program on called the 65th Emmy Awards.  While Funkhouser will take a look later today at the overall Emmy Awards, one person stuck out as the MVP of the night, Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore.

As part of CBS’ shameless promotion of their upcoming fall TV season, Shemar Moore was placed in the green room, where he brought us what was coming up next in the evening. On paper, Moore looks like a pretty good selection for the backstage hosting duty.  He’s on a very popular procedural drama on CBS, he’s eye candy, and looks like he could be a guy who knows how to party with other celebrities.  However, from the first moment he was on the screen, it’s like the train started to come off the tracks.  Just six seconds into the first introduction you can just see in his eyes, “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?  Ok, let’s regroup.  Say you’re backstage. No you’ve already said that…”

Moore showed up three more times in the evening, but each time his face appeared in the warming glow of the television set, you couldn’t help but think, “YES! More gold.”   From making Carrie Underwood, Anna Farris and Allison Janney uncomfortable by talking about how sexy they are, to saying “this party is not quite over,” with no one else in sight, Shemar (unintentionally) brought it.  You found yourself just waiting for Moore to come back on TV again, more so to liven up the somber tone of this year’s Emmys.


Twitter (of course) was abuzz with his performance on the evening:


But I will say, for all of the (mostly negative) attention Shemar Moore got last night for his work in the green room, he took it all in stride.  Who knows, the party may still be going in the green room, you tell ’em big fella…

Only CBS…

Article written by Richmond Bramblet