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Rehashing The Leftover

The Leftovers

**Warning: Since the finale for The Leftovers was about two months ago, I feel comfortable discussing spoilers.**

In October, I combed through the season premiere just trying to glean any clues about how the season would play out. I talked about how difficult this show is to make yourself watch. I likened it doing planks at the gym, on a mat, that you just watch someone else use and not wash down. There is something about knowing whose sweat it is that makes that sweat more gross. I vowed to stay up to date on the show and faithfully watch every episode the week they aired.

That didn’t happen.

Once The Leftovers piles up in your DVR, it is like when the leftovers pile up in your fridge. It is easier to purge all of them, than to deal with them one at a time. So, I decided to just let them lurk at the bottom of my queue. It took winter storm Jonas to make me desperate enough to finish out the season.

Once I finished season two, I was sad that I had neglected the show for so long. So, even though it is almost two months late, here’s the recap of my gathered clues from The Leftovers season two premiere.

Exhibit A: The Opening Credits

Projected Percentage of Helpfulness: 55%

Actual Percentage of Helpfulness: 100%

Season two started out with a crazy cave lady birthing scene and then immediate cut to the new opening credits. The new and improved opening is lively. There are no cracking marble statues. There is no slow, instrumental music. The opening credits are a clue that helps solve the mystery of season two.   Miracle/Jarden, TX is not Mapleton. There are different problems with different characters in the mix.   The town of J’Miracle has a totally different soundtrack than the previous setting had. The opening credits helped the audience make that transition in their mind. It was a sign that helped direct our thinking. “Zero Departures” therefore “ Zero Need For Funeral Music.”

All of the music this season served as clues. From Meg’s Xanadu/Cocaine theme song to Kevin Garvey’s rendition of “Homeward Bound,” there was a little trail of musical breadcrumbs that helped string together what was going on in the story. (or approximate what was happening)

Exhibit B: Cave-Lady Births & Earthquakes

Percentage of Helpfulness: 32%

Actual Percentage of Helpfulness: 0%

 While the writers do explain how the earthquakes helped save Garvey’s life, they do not explain if these are just well timed earthquakes or are they divine intervention? We never know for sure if the cave lady’s sacrifice is why the whole town is saved from the departures. I find it hard to believe that no other cave person scarified his or her life for someone else in any other place in the world.

There is still more to explore in regards to the earthquakes. This might be something they explore in the final season.

Exhibit C: Naked Running

Percentage of Helpfulness: 100%

Actual Percentage of Helpfulness: 100%

 If I didn’t reread my first article about the show, I would have forgot about the naked running in the premiere. It was such a small portion compared to all of the other crazy things going on. The naked running turned out to help show that Evie & Co. were up to something and that something was a van full of nothing.   I’m assuming they were running naked to bolster up their lung capacity since the habits of the guilty remnant would ruin them eventually.

Exhibit D: Knock-Knock Jokes

Percentage of Helpfulness: 50%

Actual Percentage of Helpfulness: 100%

Knock, Knock

Who’s There


Orange Who?

Orange you glad that The Leftovers made sense this season?

 When heartbroken Meg released her broken pencil zinger on Evie I was thrilled. The show hit pay dirt. Every odd moment had a purpose that helped tell the story. It was all connected.   Even though the two settings are separated by thousands of miles, it’s not all random.

At the end of this season, we leave Jarden in chaos. A pack of Guilty Remnant walkers have taken over the city. As depressing as that sounds, the final season has potential to end on a positive note. I will reserve judgment till they create a new theme song to help me decide on what the tone of the show will be.

Article written by Megan Suttles

I can't decide if I want to use this space to be witty or insightful. I guess it will be neither.

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  1. Ally Tucker
    3:36 pm January 27, 2016 Permalink

    I feel like I just read something written in code. I have not the slightest inkling of an idea as to what this show is about. Yet, I might be intrigued.

    Percentage of Helpfulness of this Article: 89%

    Actual Percentage of Helpfulness of this Article: TBD