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Photobombing: The University of South Carolina


Welcome to The University of South Carolina! We can’t wait to meet you as you embark on your new journey into education and will be happy to be there for you every step of the way. From the moment you step onto campus you’ll be ready for a whole new world and the University of South Carolina can’t wait to be your partner as you take your life to its next level!


When you check in with your residence advisor for the first time you’ll be given a centuries-old treasure map, which launch you and your new roommate on an exciting adventure to explore your new campus — will it lead to riches beyond your wildest dreams? Yes, it will (lead to a two-liter of Sun Drop and a Bojangles coupon)! How fun!


Take care moving into your new dorm room — you don’t want to drop anything! Should you require assistance during your move onto campus, please feel free to contact any of the Residence Hall Staff, who will be on hand to help you in any way you need. (Please note: Aaron is not a member of Residence Hall Staff and there is no “Preston Move-In Crew;” he is only trying to steal some of your underwear and should be reported immediately.)


Residential life at the University of South Carolina will lead to some of your lifelong friends and memories. Here we see an incoming freshman interviewing to become part of the “Taylor Gang,” the premier Satanic Worship organization on campus. Good luck, Madison!


As you’ll soon find, some of the best connections you’ll find are the ones you never counted on at all — like this 2014 Introduction to Statistics class, which was exposed to a particularly aggressive strain of tuberculosis from an contaminated restroom near the lecture hall. They all grew closer during their quarantine — and learned a little something about statistics along the way! (RIP Todd)


Brad is the coolest. He’s so funny and smart and cool. Maybe he’ll be in one of your classes. You better hope so because Brad is the best.


Innovation is always the order of the day at The University of South Carolina’s science labs, where students are constantly trying to create new ways of improving applesauce. Maybe today’s the day, guys! Sure does look tasty!


These students, as part of a particle physics thesis, transported a newspaper salesman from the 1930’s into 2015 via an elaborate time machine and tried to teach him how to use a modern-day computer. “Extra, extra!” he seems to say, “I’m very frightened and I would like to go home to my family now! I didn’t ask for this! Please let me go home!” Keep up the good work, ladies!


Team spirit is a big part of life on campus at the University of South Carolina, and as part of the USC Caresâ„¢ program, some patients may be selected at random to be treated by  “Cocky the Gamecock” during their stay at MUSC Hospital. Cocky may not be versed in medical training but his antics are sure to entertain!


Wherever your University of South Carolina adventures take you, you’re sure to remember this time for the rest of your life — which, if you are accepted into the Taylor Gang, could be FOREVER, agelessly feasting on the innocence of mortals. Hail Satan and Go Gamecocks!

Article written by C.M. Tomlin

All I want is a HI-C and a turkey sandwich. @CM_Tomlin

4 Comments for Photobombing: The University of South Carolina

  1. Blue_Denim
    2:48 pm September 11, 2015 Permalink

    The mascot doctor one had me legit rolling. That picture is too crazy

  2. Matt
    3:13 pm September 11, 2015 Permalink

    RIP Todd

  3. Dr. Leo Spaceman
    4:15 pm September 11, 2015 Permalink

    Sometimes you just have to learn statistics the hard way. RIP Todd. I think everyone agrees it should have been Aaron instead of you.

  4. BUCats
    11:08 pm September 11, 2015 Permalink

    Love these Tomlin – keep it up.