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November 15, 1986

UK Florida

Spoiler alert, this date was the last time UK beat Florida in football.  I was almost eight months old so I have no actual memory of UK beating Florida, just intermittent memories of heartbreak and carnage.  I usually fall on the “cautious optimism” side of the prognostication spectrum, but not this week.  This week I am fully embracing the fact that UK will beat Florida.  Some may call this brash or accuse me of casting a bad ju-ju on the team, but I pay such tidings no heed.  Instead I am going to provide solid evidence for my prediction, in the form of circumstantial evidence related to popular culture.  That’s right, I am going to make a few superfluous comparisons between the weekend of November 15, 1986 and September 19, 2015 to demonstrate that history is destined to repeat itself!

Number One Movie:

November 15, 1986- Crocodile Dundee

September 19, 2015- Probably will be Black Mass

Notable comparison- Both movies feature an Australian actor (Paul Hogan, Joel Edgerton).

Good omen for UK-One movie features a guy adept at killing crocodiles (a close relative of the gator) while the other’s leading man is from Kentucky.  Logic tells us that men from Kentucky will kill the gators, and if that doesn’t exactly work we can use our seven foot Australian basketball player to do it.

Number One Song:

November 15, 1986- “Amanda” by Boston

September 19, 2015- “What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber

Notable comparison- I’ll admit, this one required a bit of digging but a significant comparison does exist between the two songs.  Both songs were the first Billboard Top 100 singles for each artist.  Unfortunately this required a Google search verification and I’m already seeing Justin Bieber ads pop up on my computer.

Good omen for UK- There is a city named Boston in Kentucky, and not one in Florida.  Meanwhile, nothing good can come from Justin Bieber.

The World of TV:

Notable comparisons: The following actors were in big series in both 1986 and 2015: Ed O’Neil (Married…With Children, Modern Family), Ted Danson (Cheers, CSI: Cyber), Tom Selleck (Magnum: P.I., Blue Bloods), and Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Blood and Oil).

Good omen for UK: Like Kentucky football, all of these guys had on again/off again success in the intermittent 28 years since these big breaks, but now they’re all in a new phase of success, just as UK will be when they beat Florida on Saturday.

UK ticket


This is a picture of my ticket stub and part of the field  I grabbed after UK ended the Tennessee streak.  There was a definite catharsis in that moment that I’m certain many of you all felt that day too.  Times have been tough since that day, but the tide is changing.  The evidence presented may seem sparse and not entirely coherent enough to make an argument, but that will not dissuade my prediction.  For the first time in a long time all of the ingredients are present to even feel confident in a win over Florida.  Come Saturday night, BBN will be storming the field in celebration of hurling the gator-shaped monkey off our back and embracing our first 3-0 record since 2010.


Article written by Josh Juckett

1 Comment for November 15, 1986

  1. Tony Acree
    9:06 am September 17, 2015 Permalink

    I was twenty-three years old the last time we beat Florida. My waist line was considerably smaller, my hair much darker and my marriage days in front of me. I would dearly love to beat them again before I have grandchildren. Heck, great grandchildren.