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Moony Musings for a Monday Morning


Which, by the way, is the title of my new volume of poetry coming out next month.  It’s self-published, of course, on yellow legal pad with a sharpie and stapled together.  Let me know if you want one and I’ll send you a copy!

Happy Anniversary of the Moon Landing (yesterday/today) everyone!  That’s about as good a thing to celebrate about July 21st as anything else, especially since, in some people’s opinion (*cough cough over here*) the Moon Landing is the pinnacle of human achievement, no big deal.  It’s also somewhat apropos to this post since I’ve done almost nothing of pop culture significance in the past week.  I was busy applying for jobs (more on that later this week), playing L.A. Noire (not exactly a recent game), and going to an event called the “Quesoff IV.”  It’s a cook-off for queso and, trust me, was as delicious as it sounded.  Especially the show-stopping, prize winning Brisket Queso, which was the best (Queso Ice-Cream, definitely the worst).

So, because I didn’t go to see The Purge: Anarchy or Sex Tape this weekend; because Eddie Murphy still hasn’t released his new album yet; because few would probably enjoy the books I’m reading (The Moviegoer by Walker Percy and From Eternity to Here by Dr. Sean Carroll) here are a list of pertinent links with which to fill your morning.

The Moon Landing Dept.


Here’s a link to the fantastic episode of Mythbusters where they decidedly triumph over those who think the Moon Landing was faked.  Even after all of these years on air, the Mythbusters still have the best job on the planet, don’t they?

The James Garner Dept.

James Garner, beloved actor, died this weekend.  You might remember him from Maverick or My Fellow Americans but, for me, his quintessential role was as the Sheriff Jason McCullough in Support Your Local Sheriff!.   I’m not sure why, but this seems like a vastly under-appreciated, and under-watched classic.  Yet it’s stuffed with quality acting from the likes of Garner, Jack Elam, Bruce Dern, Harry Morgan, and Walter Brennan.  It’s also one of the most quotable movies ever.  Take a look at a couple of clips:

The Mystery Deepens Dept.

h/t to SashaQ

h/t to SashaQ

THERE’S A NEW TWIN PEAKS BOX SET COMING OUT WITH DELETED SCENES AND NEW COMMENTARY AND NEW INFO, OMG, OMG, OMG! Only 22 years after the bizarre, somewhat unpopular, completely disturbing Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, David Lynch let it be known that new content and behind the scenes material would be on the latest release, Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, a kick-ass bluray box-set coming soon.  Here’s a link to his announcement, classic David Lynch.  Agggh!  I can’t wait!

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So by your account Harold Potter was a perfectly ordinary Englishman without any tendency towards being a Scotsman whatsoever?