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Matt Jackson is butter…

matt jackson

Because he’s on a roll.  Matt Jackson is not a new recruit on the radar or another person involved in the Louisville escort scandal.  No no, Matt Jackson is simply the smartest person on the planet.  Ok, that might be a little too much praise, but his twelve day, $300,000+ Jeopardy run is proof that he is the best player in a game of seemingly useless trivia.  If you haven’t watched him yet I highly recommend you do so before his run ends.  From the show’s opening to its end, Jackson is must watch tv.  I am not a regular Jeopardy viewer, but occasionally my wife and I will turn it on while we eat and we just happened to turn it on during day one of the Jackson run.  His opening screenshot is a unique one, almost hypnotic.  He starts off expressionless but slowly unveils a smile that says “I’m about to dominate and nobody can stop me.”  It’s villainous I tell you.  Here, see for yourself.

After the first time I saw that opening and he won, I had watch again the next day to see if he’d do it again.  Sure enough, he did.  Then he won again, and the pattern has continued except he began holding up his fingers to represent how many games he won.  After winning his eleventh game last Friday he abandoned the finger raising, presumably because he doesn’t have eleven fingers but I suspect he does.  If he revealed his extra digits it would alert the public to him possibly being an alien and having an unfair advantage.  I don’t mean to take anything away from Jackson, but his performance has been so good that he may actually be an alien, or a robot.  Or both.

Jackson is an unstoppable trivia machine on a warpath.  In one of the episodes another contestant bet a true daily double because “it’s the only way to beat Matt.”  That contestant didn’t get another question right as Jackson immediately turned to him and stole his soul like Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat.  He has the most important thing a competitor needs, the killer instinct.  Just when you think he’s about to be challenged he whips out a run akin to what UK did to UCLA last year and leaves the other contestants just wanting it to be over.  By the time Final Jeopardy rolls around he’s too far to be caught, and once he’s reached that point you can forget about it.

With this level of dominance you may wonder why you should even tune in to watch.  Well first and foremost I’ll refer you again to the video above.  The second reason you should watch is because he is really impressive.  He seemingly knows everything and once he gets rolling he’s hard to slow down.  He even routinely cuts off Trebek so he can call for the next clue.  He’s practically usurped Trebek as king of the show.  Lastly, all good things come to an end and Jackson’s streak surely will soon.  Remember when Ken Jennings seemed unbeatable?  He was beaten.  Remember when Undertaker couldn’t lose at Wrestlemania?  He lost.  Matt Jackson will lose and it will be an epic moment in game show history, and who doesn’t like to see history made?

There have been many big runs on game shows and a lot of contestants who have been memorable for a few days.  Matt Jackson will likely follow into the footnotes of history like those before him.  The good thing about Jackson’s run is that while it will end one day, we don’t know when that will happen.  Until it does we can enjoy his awkward and creepy smile, his prowess with a buzzer in his hand, and his audacity on the Jeopardy stage.


Article written by Josh Juckett