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Kentucky Thrones Radio: Season 7 Finale

Season seven of Game of Thrones culminated with “The Dragon and the Wolf.”  The spectacular episode is discussed in length on Kentucky Thrones Radio.  Nick and T.J. explain how major storylines came to be and what’s next.  Highlights:

—  What will make a greater impact, Jaime’s departure or Tyrion’s knowledge of Cersei’s pregnancy?

—  How the Stark sisters pulled on over on Littlefinger.

—  Does the dragon breathe blue fire or ice?

—  Put an end to Theon Greyjoy, please.

—  Bran is somehow more normal as he narrates incest.

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2 Comments for Kentucky Thrones Radio: Season 7 Finale

  1. dylan121815
    2:29 pm August 28, 2017 Permalink

    Why end theon? He still has a redemption story uncompleted . Euron will kill him in his attempt to save yara, if theon can even find him since he doesn’t know euron is going so essos and not the iron islands. Also do you guys think sometime in season 8 dany will be pregnant? Also it was more like arya got one over on little finger, Sansa pretty much says it was arya. Sansa just finally got some strength to do something needed. She had the vale the whole time and never realized it. What if tryions “I drink and I know things ” line was the longest foreshadow in history that he knew the whole time jon was targaryn . Further explaining his creepy stalking jon as he goes into danys room.

  2. dylan121815
    2:34 pm August 28, 2017 Permalink

    Why did they give jon the same name as his dead brother , when aegon is alive in the books going by young griff.