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Spoiler alert for Walking Dead season 6, episode 3, “Thanks”.

For those who instinctively look at the first sentence of a post, I will reiterate the spoiler alert above.  If you’re still reading this then I’ll assume you saw TWD last Sunday and are either still in shock, grieving, or you don’t really believe what you’re being led to believe.  I fall in that third category.  I say this with all the confidence I can muster: Glenn is not dead.  This isn’t denial or stunned disbelief.  This is “bet the mortgage” level confidence that the intestines being eaten were not Glenn’s.  There are many reasons why I believe this, some of which you may have noticed or heard.  I will go over those in just a second.  For those of you who believe that Glenn died and are happy about it, don’t read this.  Go back to hating all that is good in the world and watching reruns of Louisville’s 2013 championship run.  For those of you who still want to believe, read on.

Reason No. 1- Doubt Exists

Think of the other major deaths in TWD: Dale, Shane, Lorie, Andrea, Beth, Hershel, and so on.  With the exception of Andrea, every one of those characters died on-screen leaving no doubt that they were dead.  Even with Andrea we saw the bite and heard the gun shot.  There was no doubt she was dead.  Glenn’s “death” does not fit this pattern.  Yes, you see Glenn fall into a herd of walkers and his screaming face as human entrails were being ripped out and devoured.  You don’t actually see him die.  The last look we have of Glenn is his very much alive and screaming face.  The popular anti-dead theory is that as he fell he pulled Nick’s dead body on top of him and it was Nick’s guts being ripped out.  I believe this to be true, but that then spawns the question: even if it’s Nick’s body, how could Glenn possibly survive that?

Reason No. 2- He’s Got An “Out”


What would stop the walkers from simply consuming through Nick’s body and getting to Glenn?  Even if they stopped eating Nick and left Glenn, how could Glenn get out of there without inciting the herd?  If there’s one person who would know how to do it, it’s Glenn.  Back in season one, Glenn was able to move among walkers by camouflaging himself in walker blood and guts.  Well look what’s happening in Glenn’s “death” scene.  He is being covered by blood and guts, which would disguise him from the walkers and allow him a chance to escape.  This may seem like a long shot, but it’s not so crazy.  The walkers aren’t smart, they only operate based on their senses.  Once Glenn stops screaming he eliminates the only sense that gives him away.  Why wouldn’t it work?

Reason No. 3- His “Death” Wasn’t Even The Biggest Issue

Anyone else notice the mysterious ailment with Rick’s hand?  This issue received much more focus than Glenn’s death.  As I noted in reason 1, major character deaths have always been a big deal on this show.  It’s never a ten second scene showing what might be their death.  Major character deaths also don’t take a back seat to an injury.  Make no mistake, Rick’s hand injury is a big deal.  There were too many cues that focus on his hand for it to not be a big deal.  I’m fairly certain it wasn’t a bite, but maybe a rusty knife cut or something else which could cause a nasty infection.  The hand issue will be a big deal later and it was clear that this should be a point of focus.  So big though that it should overshadow Glenn’s death?  I don’t think so.  TWD also has a history of ending episodes on what they want viewers to see as the main focus.  The episode ended with Rick in the RV, not Glenn’s decimated corpse.

Reason No. 4- The Talking Dead Ambiguity

I usually don’t watch Talking Dead after TWD, but I’ve seen enough episodes to know how it works.  When major characters die the actors who played them usually come on to talk about their demise.  The dead character is also memorialized on the show.  Guess who was not on Talking Dead and was not memorialized?  That’s right, Steven Yeun was absent the show’s panel and Glenn was not among those memorialized.  In addition to that, nobody would confirm that Glenn is actually dead.  This is not necessarily proof that Glenn is off the hook.  He may very well be killed in a future episode and then appear on Talking Dead that night.  Why so much ambiguity though?  If we’re supposed to believe that Glenn is dead, then let him be dead and proceed with the proper ceremonies.  If he is alive, why would they go to so much trouble to deceive us like that?

Reason No. 5- Ratings Are Going to Be Huge Next Week

And the funniest part about it is that we probably won’t learn of Glenn’s fate until after next week’s episode.  TWD usually has a couple of filler episodes throughout the season where they focus on flashbacks or other ancillary matters.  These episodes allow for some fan recovery after a few intense episodes.  Next week appears to be one of those episodes concerning Morgan’s journey to this point.  Even with the extended episode time next week, it will still likely only cover Morgan.  After all, there are five seasons of Morgan’s past to catch up on.  My money is on having to wait until the following week to know the fate of Glenn.  This bodes well for Glenn because there is no reason to string out the suspense as a ratings grab.  This ordeal with Glenn likely serves two major purposes. First, it reminds viewers that anyone can die which removes a level of comfort.  The second purpose is more of an educated guess, but with Michonne’s group getting out of town there is nothing to stop the herd from reaching Alexandria.  A surviving Glenn will be able to create the necessary diversion.  One thing is certain, the writers have viewers’ attention and the rest of the season appears wide open for just about anything to happen.

So what do YOU think?  Are you convinced Glenn will make it out of this or do you think Glenn is finally in situation he can’t get out of?  Sound off in the comments section below!

Article written by Josh Juckett

2 Comments for Inconceivable!

  1. ClutchCargo
    11:37 am October 29, 2015 Permalink

    I agree that Glenn is certainly alive and mostly well. That whole scene on the dumpster was all about that douchebag Nicholas, not about killing off a major season 1 character. As far as Rick, it was plain to see that when he killed those 3 walkers eating a body in the middle of the road, one of them had a knife stuck in the back of its neck with the blade protruding out the front. When Rick grabbed the walker by the throat to kill it he had to have cut his hand on that blade.

  2. agree but lame
    1:40 pm October 29, 2015 Permalink

    I think you’re right – glen is not dead. But come on, he definitely should be. The walker blood and gut trick has only ever worked with rotting walker remains, not fresh blood. And since nicholas blew his head off, he was at no point a zombie and his warm fresh blood would only incite the horde.

    I think Glen will get out of this, but if the writers were playing by the rules of the show that have been set up he would be dead. I’m glad he’s alive but lost some respect for the show (assuming he does come back)