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Has Anyone Ever Asked You If You Had a Case of the Mondays?


Zzzzz….. zzzzz…. zzzz…..

Wha-? Who is it?  What’s going on?  Oh, it’s you, reader.  Why are you here?  It’s what?  It’s Monday??!!?! No it’s not, it’s Saturday or something, right?  Crap!  (mumbled obscenities)

No I had a piece ready!  It was going to be great… right up to the point that it wasn’t actually good.  Hold on, wait right there.  Don’t move.  (runs to the closet)  I have something around here for you to read.  I know I do.

Hmmm…. How ’bout this old Franco piece?  No?  You’re tired of Franco?

Ummm… How about…. a walking dead recap or two?  No, not current enough, eh?

Errrrrr… aha!!  Here we go!  A 4000 word summer movie guide in two parts!  With tons of links and trailers linked to every movie title!  Now if that isn’t a way to spend an afternoon at work, I don’t know what is!  Now I’ve got to get back to  it, so much to do, so little time!

Article written by Kalan Kucera

So by your account Harold Potter was a perfectly ordinary Englishman without any tendency towards being a Scotsman whatsoever?