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Happy Friday. Enjoy This Star Studded, Fairly Unoriginal-Looking, Action-y Trailer for the Reboot of RoboCop.


For all of you who love RoboCop but always wished he looked like the Judge Dredd reboot from last year, Jose Padilha — who you probably remember for directing four Brazilian documentaries you’ve never seen — is ready for you to see the first full trailer of his reboot of the Paul Verhoeven classic RoboCop.

Filling the iron boots of Peter Weller is Swede Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) as downed cop Alex Murphy, outfitted with a new cybersuit and life as the titular character. A bit of stunt casting is on display with a wigtastic Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman (Gary Oldman?). Spaceships roam a more futuristic and less urban-blaxpoitation-ish Detroit landscape and RoboCop now sports a black, Batman-esque “stealth suit” but rest assured that ED-209 still looks clunky and awesome (though since we’re changing awesome things about the movie, it will surely now be able to climb down stairs).

The internet is abuzz with positivity about the return of RoboCop but frankly, I’m not sure I’m seeing anything as good as what Verhoeven already did. Sure, it looks like a lot of action, but I always liked the fact that RoboCop was updated tech for an age old crime problem; this revamp makes Detroit look a lot more like the sci-fi war zones of District 9 than Verhoeven’s realistic, gritty streets of the dangerous town.

I dunno. To paraphrase and tweak the original, I’m not sure I’d buy that for a dollar. But then again, RoboCop has always been somewhat sacred — and still is a pretty great movie. But let’s face it: this was inevitable, and here it is, so what do you think?

Article written by C.M. Tomlin

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