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Funkhouser’s Gen Con 2015 Preview


Starting on Thursday, July 30, “The Best Four Days In Gaming” will begin in Gen Con 2015.  Gen Con is the “original, longest running, and best attended gaming convention in the world”.  There are exhibits, special events and more than 14,000 events taking place over the four days of Gen Con.  There is 24-hour gaming at the Indiana Convention Center, and is a dream for a fan of all board and card gaming (like myself).  Last year, there was a turnstile attendance of bore than 184,500 and 56,000 unique attendance.

I will be in attendance at Gen Con 2015 as a representative of Funkhouser, so I will posting pictures to Twitter and Facebook, as well as possibly doing some Periscope or YouTube talks at the end of Thursday and Friday evenings, just to discuss my experience at the convention.

So leading up to the convention, I wanted to list some of the games that I am looking forward to getting my hands on, buying or simply playing on Thursday and Friday.  These are in no particular order, Well, the ones at the top I’m more excited about:

Flick ‘Em Up


Flick ‘Em Up is a dexterity game that plays between 2-10 players (!).  Pretzel Games, a shoot-off of Z-Man Games, has created this outstanding western theme game, where you are flicking disks around a table to accomplish goals in the game.  The rule book comes along with 10-different scenarios, which involve building and player set-up, but you are also more than welcome to come up with your own scenario.  In the most basic scenario, five outlaws take on five members of the law.  You will flick a movement disk around the play area, to move your person.  If you want to shoot at an opponent, you place a bullet disc next to your meeple, and flick it at one of the opposing meeples.  If you hit them, they are knocked down and lose one hit-point.  Lose three hit points and they’re out of the game.  If you and another player end up in the same building together, you have a shootout, dueling back and forth until one player connects with their shot.  The loser gets (literally) thrown out of the building back into the street.  It is such a thematic game and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  An expansion is coming up in the future where players can ride horses, and there are ramps so you can shoot a player off of his horse… CRAZY!

Note: I have actually pre-ordered this, and will hopefully get to my house by the beginning of next week. But I hope to play some demo games at the Con. 



Codenames is the product of CGE games and designer Vlaada Chvátil.  Codenames is another party game that I’m looking forward to.  In Codenames, you and your friends split into two teams.  25 words are laid out in the middle of the table, and one player from each team will be the “Spymaster”.  These two players will be given a grid of different colors, corresponding which words correspond to their team.  The point is to get your team to guess your eight code words before the other team guesses theirs.  This is going to be a fun one.  Let Rodney Smith from Watch It Played tell you about how to play:



Arcadia looks to be a fun little card game that is pretty much like Roller Coaster Tycoon in a card game.  Your goal is to build up the best amusement park from the ground up.  Buy your booths, stands and rides, and upgrade them to have the best park possible.  You will also have to hire employees to make sure locations get built.  With my experience of theme parks, I probably won’t win, but I’m only building wooden roller coasters and country shows where they sell lemonade for you to get out of the heat.  Best Theme Park Ever!



I think I talked about Spyfall at the beginning of the year, but I’m still looking forward to it.  Spyfall works like so:  Up to eight players can play this game of social deduction.  There are 40ish different locations in the box, and one bag will be pulled out, shuffled and dealt to all of the players.  Here’s the catch: one player is a spy and doesn’t know the location that everyone else is at, and must figure out, by asking questions, where everyone is.  However, the players have no idea who the spy is, so they must try and ask vague questions to figure out who the spy is, without giving away the location for the spy to guess.  I may not get this, but I’d be excited to play this for the first time.  Also, you can play it online FOR FREE at  Get your friends and smartphones together to play this!



Mysterium is a cooperative investigation game, where either everyone wins or everyone loses.  Think of this game as Clue meets Dixit.  A crime has been committed on the grounds of this manor, and the players have to figure out what happened.  One player will play the ghost and knows what happened.  They must give clues to the players, by means of “dream” cards, which are highly artistic scenes that may have hints or clues to weapons, culprits and locations.  These clues are not always obvious, and maybe a highly red colored card could be a clue to the red hat a culprit is wearing, or maybe the gun on that card could be a clue to the weapon.  It is up to the players to figure out what the ghost is trying get them to understand.  This game is making its first appearance in an English version at GenCon, so I’m looking forward to try it.

WWE Superstar Showdown


Well, Duh.  A wrestling deck-builder, based around the WWE product?  I’m sold.  The game has a bit of a rock-paper-scissors feel to it, but there is actual player movement, allowing you to be inside/outside the ring, top-rope, etc.  It looks like an interesting game, but I don’t have too much to say about it.  Also, with six characters, how did Big Show and Big E make it in the game?  So confused…

More Ca$h and More Guns (Expansion)


There is not much that is known about this expansion, except for the fact that it’s happening.  A while back I did a review of Ca$h and Guns and now there is a new expansion about to come out.  It looks as though there are going to be a few more gun options, as well as a few more role cards.  This big difference looks to be a bank vault, that you may need the necessary parts to open?  I’m not really sure, but if it makes Ca$h and Guns more awesome than it already is, then I’m sold.


There are thousands of other games that are being sold at Gen Con, and I look forward to playing them.  Some others I’m excited for: Broom Service, Penny Press, New York 1901, Dead Drop, Stockpile, Warehouse 51, Mogul, Code 777 30th Anniversary, Nefarious, and Noir Black Box edition.

If you’re at GenCon, come find me.  Or follow us at FunkhouserKSR on Twitter and Periscope!  Hope to see you there!

Article written by Richmond Bramblet