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Funkhouser’s 2016 Royal Rumble Pool Entrants & Live Blog


We’re just a couple of hours away from the big Royal Rumble match.  Below are the spots in which everyone was put into for the Royal Rumble Pool.  Just a reminder.  If your entrant number wins the Royal Rumble match, we will go by the tiebreaker of who you picked to win the Royal Rumble, and the Most Eliminations by one wrestler to find out who wins the grand prize of the WWE Superstar Showdown Board Game.  The person with the entrant number with the most eliminations will go through the same process to find out who will win the Filsinger Games set!  The people with the entrant number who wins, but does not win one of the two big prizes will be sent a KSR T-Shirt.  One note… The way we count eliminations in our pool goes as follows: We do percentage eliminations.  So if two people eliminate a wrestler together, they get .5 eliminations.  If it takes four people to eliminate the big show, they will each get .25 eliminations.

I’ll be hopping in and out of the comments section during the PPV, so feel free to hang out on KSR and chat with us. Or you can tweet @KSRWrassleTalk during the PPV for more Royal Rumble Talk.

For the second year in a row… Dustin Lueker wins the Funkhouser Royal Rumble pool.  None of the three participants who drew #30 guessed the correct winner, and Leuker’s guess of # of most eliminations was closest to the actual number, 4.5 by Roman Reigns.

Kayla Pearl wins the Filsinger Games set by drawing the entrant who had the most eliminations, and won the tie-breaker by correctly guessing that HHH would win the Royal Rumble.

The other four people who drew #1 or #30 will be sent KSR T-Shirts as a consolation prize


Entrant Number Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Wrestler Elims.
1 Danny adams Kayla Pearl Kline blank  Roman Reigns  4.5
2 Logan Walker Jeremy Booher Chance Calton CatFaninIN  Rusev
3 Jim Randolph Trent Waymire Allen Martin blank AJ Styles  1.5
4 Ryan Winders Dustin H Corey baum blank Tyler Breeze
5 Ryno McCoy Eli Sirls Andrew McKenzie blank  Curtis Axel
6 Derek Lester Adam Wallace Jon carroll blank  Chris Jericho  1
7 CuriousCat Eric Watts Alex Mckenzie Basketballtime2016  Kane  1
8 Ben Davis Marcus Oldendick Evan woolums blank Goldust
9 Michael Gray Aaron Coons Marc Risinger blank  Ryback
10 Chris Ryan Brandon Rucker Dane Sizemore blank  Kofi Kingston
11 Stephen Saltz Charles Greene Roger Davis blank Titus O’Neil  1
12 nate combs Hueyp Trent Waymire KaylaLynn77  R-Truth
13 Adam Wilson Simon Wool Kyle Team Redmon  Luke Harper  2.58
14 Adam Tingle Darren Mummert James Cottle blank  Stardust
15 Dwayne Hadley Chuck Price Lincoln Goob Big Show  2
16 Bryan Isham Tyler Parsons Chris Foreman robharris  Neville
17 Mark West Chase Robinson Larry blank  Braun Strowman  3.58
18 Ryan Dirks Anthony Combs helen koenig daddy43040  Kevin Owens  1
19 Justin Fischesser Ellis slone Ben northern blank  Dean Ambrose  1
20 Eric Carby Anthony Bowman Robert Scott blank Sami Zayn  1
21 John Frauenhoffer Collin Inman Cody Williams blank  Erick Rowan  .58
22 Ryan Stivers Josh Hansford Nathan Hudson blank  Mark Henry
23 L Foster Jason Camden Michael Dreadlinks  Brock Lesnar  4
24 Bryan Dowell Cody Wills Al ” Big Pappa” Williams bobcats24  Jack Swagger
25 Josh E. Joseph mouser Ryan Fox blank  The Miz
26 Robert Bates Brian Hamilton Brandon Page ThatFloridaCAt  Alberto Del Rio
27 Chris Whitaker sjjones79 Joe Albett blank  Bray Wyatt
28 Andrew LaFavers Adam Mattox John Day blank  Dolph Ziggler
29 David Hartlage Wesley Menser Amanda H blank  Sheamus  .5
30 Brady Kingrey Taylor Jones Dustin Lueker blank HHH   2.5


Article written by Richmond Bramblet

5 Comments for Funkhouser’s 2016 Royal Rumble Pool Entrants & Live Blog

  1. hal9944
    8:08 pm January 24, 2016 Permalink

    shocker, you heard it here first. I predict the Rock will win the royal rumble!!!

  2. Richmond Bramblet
    9:04 pm January 24, 2016 Permalink

    A) TWC in Cincinnati is terrible. So I missed the Tag Team match, but I’m back in the Alberto/Kalisto match

  3. Bluegrass7914
    9:18 pm January 24, 2016 Permalink

    Ambrose match was great. Kalisto has a good move set.

  4. Richmond Bramblet
    9:31 pm January 24, 2016 Permalink

    Kalisto is poised to be the next Rey Mysterio as long as WWE doesn’t flub it up. Although, I wonder if we’ll ever get another RM when his moveset in the 90’s was so innovative, but every indie wrestler on YouTube is doing crazy stuff we see all the time…

  5. Bluegrass7914
    10:29 pm January 24, 2016 Permalink

    Sweet Jesus I got Strowman! I like it