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Food Network Star Season 10 Power Rankings — Final Four

Food Network Star


There is a point in every reality competition, more specifically cooking ones, where you look at the contestants on the very first day and say, “There’s no way I’m going to l like any of these people by the end of the competition.”  And for the most part, you’re usually right.  But, as the groups get whittled down to the final few, you actually realize that the judges may have gotten it right.  In the case of Food Network Star Season 10, this is the case.  The contestants are starting to come into their own, and the people who just didn’t have what it takes are gone.  From the seven that entered Las Vegas, we are now down to the final four in the last two episodes of the season.  Let’s take a look at the newest Funkhouser Power Rankings.

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Food Network Star Final Four Power Rankings


1. Luca Della Casa (Previous Rank: #1)

Through the ashes rises the phoenix.  Luca survived Star Salvation for five challenges to come back to the show in true star fashion.  Luca may have had an unfair advantage in Star Salvation, getting a little more mentoring in the challenges, with our girl Damaris and Geoff Zakarian actually being able to coach the contestants during the challenges.  But Luca has been the winner or in the top group for the last three challenges since he returned.  His dreaminess is hypnotizing to Giada, as well as any people that he has to cook for.  Luca is going to be hard to beat, especially since the finale in two episodes is going to a fan vote.


2. Lenny McNab (Previous Rank: #2)

Lenny is a tough egg to crack.  There are some days where he is the top dog, and then other days when he makes silly mistakes to put him close to elimination.  In the first Vegas challenge, the judges had absolutely nothing to say to him, other than that he was “the one to beat.”  In the next challenge in Las Vegas, his food was a big miss, along with a very awkward presentation.  This past week, he was in the top two again with Luca.  For anyone that splits their pants, and can still put together a live presentation on Rachel Ray, they better be a challenge winner.  The next challenge, a 30 second promo for his Food Network show, will either win him this competition in the finale, or send him home.  Lenny is in a tough spot.


3. Sarah Penrod (Previous Rank #5)

Ever since the gang got to Vegas, Sarah has been up for elimination in two of the three episodes.  She’s not making glaring mistakes, but she entered the competition with one point of view, then changed it to another.  She also is trying to use the fact that she’s a mom in her presentations as well.  It just seems like she doesn’t know which point of view to use at which time, but also when to use which POV at the correct time.  Even if she gets past the promo challenge next Sunday, I just don’t think that America will vote for her in the end.  That’s really all I’ve got on this one…


4. Nicole Gaffney (Previous Rank: #6)

Oh Coley… Nicole is an interesting character on this challenge.  When it comes to on camera challenges, she seems to be doing pretty well, especially in the last episode in doing the remote.  But it just seems that when she is doing the cooking challenges, she just doesn’t think for a second.  In Sunday’s episode, Nicole made a great dinner for this family, but put sriracha in a meal for small children.  To no surprise, one of the kids spit out the food live on Rachel Ray’s show.  But, this isnt where Nicole lost me, it was an exchange with her and a former contestant, Reuben on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.33.25 AM

Look, I don’t know what the conditions are like on the show.  I don’t.  But, In a competition where the vote comes down to the viewers, why would you complain about the competition?  “The Challenges didn’t give us a chance to showcase who we are…”  Are you kidding?  The entire point of this show is for you to get across who you are so that people can vote for you. Think you’re not doing a good job of presenting yourself in a challenge? Figure it out.  Have a point of view that is relatable to people, get that under control before you ever come on the show, then roll with that for the next 11 weeks.  Don’t complain if you didn’t come off as refined as Giada or Rachel Ray on the competition show.  *steps off soap box*… *steps back up on soapbox*  Also, when you lie to potential eaters about what kind of ham you’re using, just be straight forward, then don’t post a half-hearted apology on your blog about how you know the difference between the two types of ham.  *Turns into a teenage high-school girl* I can’t even…

Article written by Richmond Bramblet