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Fandom Week


Anybody remember Freakazoid?

Hola, Lectores!  This week on Funkhouser we’re going to be celebrating a bunch of different types of fandom (Fanboys, Fangirls… we’re all just Fanpeople everybody)!  These days it’s not enough just to enjoy something for its own artistic merits–or lack thereof–no!  Our pop culture must have every ounce of relevance and entertainment sucked out of it the same way you can’t let the last drop of an ICEE sit idly at the bottom of your cup.  Maybe that sounded a bit negative, but don’t let it fool you, I’m equally as guilty as everyone else.  Enjoying some small piece of pop culture obsessively is revelatory, you feel a part of something, a small niche of other like minded people who can all enjoy something together (#ILLUMINATI).

Enjoying it isn’t the whole picture these days though.  No, internet forums and fan blogs have become part of the whole pop culture machine!  Fanboys made sure that “Snakes on a Plane” didn’t change it’s title.  Fans clamored for JJ Abrams to direct the new Star Wars movie and yea, verily was it so.  Fans kept shows like ‘Jerico’ and ‘Community’ alive long after networks would have cancelled them. and fans are likely the reason that JK Rowling is going to be doing Harry Potter related things until she’s old and grey.  I myself am tempted to nerdily compile a list of every single thing that DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon won’t turn down for.

So let’s celebrate Fandom this week.  Let’s embrace this modern obsession with pop culture that has so richly affected the pop culture itself.  Pay attention to this space over the next 5 days as your favorite Funkhouser writers breakdown the best things about Fandom.  We’ll start later this afternoon with a piece, by yours truly, concerning… fan fiction!

Sit back, relax (really depends on how cheap the company you work for is with their office chairs), and enjoy Fandom Week!  Ole!


Article written by Kalan Kucera

So by your account Harold Potter was a perfectly ordinary Englishman without any tendency towards being a Scotsman whatsoever?