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All About that Super Bass in Summer’s Three “Booty” Anthems

Even Billboard wants you to choose sides

There have been some new folks on the lady pop music scene this summer–your Iggys, Arianas, Charli XCXs, Sias, Kias, Hyundais, etc, but the individual that has been making a precipitous climb as of late has a slightly less exciting name, Meghan Trainor.

Her one hit wonder, “All About that Bass”, is so infectiously catchy that it probably got stuck in your head when you were making out with your significant other and you ran from the room, screaming MAKE IT STOP and it still wouldn’t stop.

The song has made its climb to the #2 slot on the Billboard Top 100, overtaking the all of the aforementioned pop stars in the top ten, except for those damn Rude nerds.

“All About that Bass” has been deemed an anthem to positive body image, celebration of female sexuality, and of course, curves. It’s not Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”, in that it’s not depressing when it’s intent is to be uplifting, and it’s not quite “Beyoncé” (because no one is Beyoncé); it’s simply a light and fluffy song and dance you can let your kids listen to, right?

I don’t need to tell you this is probably NSFW

Sure, why not! There’s a lot of Nicki Minaj influence in this video too, from the Nicki wigs, to the dancing, the use of pastels, the celebration of the female anatomy, to the Ken Doll male she manipulates–it’s hard not to draw comparisons..

Conveniently enough, right as Meghan Trainor’s tune is become a candidate for (Late) Song of Summer, out comes Nicki with her exceedingly promoted music video, “Anaconda.”

While it’s lyrics are slightly less innocuous than “boys like a little more booty to hold at night” and it’s imagery far more sexually explicit, both songs share the same, broad message of owning your body because it’s yours, it’s beautiful, all that jazz.

I don’t love the song’s sound as compared to past Nicki tracks, and I think that Sir Mix A Lot would roll over in his grave if he knew of his plagari–wait, he’s still alive? And he loves it?


Molly Lambert described the “Anaconda” video on Grantland as reappropriating black female pop culture post-Mileygate and considers it a win for Nicki, her body, and beauty standards, but let’s not tread THAT deep. Not a good swimmer.

It’s a sexual, booty anthem from a lady, instead of a Jason Derulo, and Nicki is well aware of the implications.

Looks like we have a trend this summer.

PS: She also gives Drake a lap dance and makes the viewer far more embarrassed for Drake than for Nicki. That’s an impressive feat. Girl power.

Heartbreakers gonna reject Tay Tay Tay

Lastly, in our lady derrière triumvirate we have the outlier–“Shake it Off” from the leader of white girl sloganry, Taylor Swift.

Released one day prior to “Anaconda”, Swifty’s song and video has similarly “drink the Haterade” attitude to the other two, yet it’s not so much about her body, as her awkward girl Taylorness. Oh, and dating too many boys. Stahp that Taylor.

Hopping around, embracing herself and stuff, she does indeed shake it. Poorly. To show that she’s not good at shaking it and has no butt but doesn’t care! Seems like the message here…

Or that Taylor Swift was meant to be in a combination Keds/Gap/Starbucks commercial and that she will never stop referencing cheerleaders no matter her age, nor genre. That’s what I took from this; ok, and the twerking/ballerina dichotomy too, don’t worry, I’m not blind.

Even Billboard wants you to choose sides

Even Billboard wants you to choose sides

Each of these ladies is pop stars in their own right, and each has raised separate YouTube controversy for their videos. Have you read the YouTube comments lately?

Nicki is hyper-sexualized, Meghan is skinny-shaming (which is apparently now a thing), and Taylor is racist and appropriating/objectifying black culture like so many white pop stars before her; for our purposes here, these songs are rather terrible musically and yes, could be deemed offensive for a variety of reasons, but they’re also different reflections of women and women’s bodies in pop culture. Hilariously, these videos and singles could manage to be stimulus for conversation on any number of these topics. Or just songs you skip over on the radio.

Skip. Just watch every Simpsons ever instead.

Click more for the three best GIFs from these videos because we are Buzzfeed/I’m Ron Burgundy?

Everyone’s hero

Why not?


Article written by Brennan English

Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have. @BrennanKSR