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A Very Fashionable Christmas: Outfit Inspirations From Your Favorite Christmas Movies


Christmas Fashion

Christmas is not meant to be a time of overwhelming decisions.  But, it is.  You have to make executive decisions about matching paper and bows.  You have to decide which Christmas card conveys your personal sense of style.  You have to decide if the cookies are too burnt to bring to the party.

It’s not meant to be overwhelming. But, it is.

This year, my Christmas present to you is to help you style your Christmas wardrobe.  Here’s one less Christmas decision to make by stealing memorable ensembles from Christmases past.

For the Boho Babe

Final Pigeon Lady

This carefree outfit will make your holiday season more comfortable.  Using Home Alone 2: Lost in New York as inspiration, this outfit will make your chic-est Christmas yet. There are handy pockets for seeds and the form flattering shawl will allow for you to eat to your heart’s content.  Initially, your family may think you are a threatening presence at the Christmas Party, but as time goes on they will realize you have a heart of gold.

For the Minimalist

Final Die Hard

Although Die Hard isn’t the most Christmas-y of movies, it still counts.  There is an emphasis on family (sort-of) and there are miracles (kind-of.)  This outfit allows for immediate comfort.  There is no need for that awkward moment of trying to figure out “is this a shoeless house or not?” You are already shoeless and Hey! You brought walkie talkies as your passing party gift!

For the Incompetent Mom

Kevins mom

If you are going to be an incompetent parent, you might as well look good.  Kevin’s mom in Home Alone makes losing your child multiple times look good.  Maybe if she wasn’t so concerned with her mushroom hairdo, she wouldn’t forget about her son.

For the Life of the Party

Final Magnolias

Steel Magnolias covers all of the good holidays.  The movie makes you cry at Halloween, Christmas AND the Fourth of July.  But, no one lightens the mood better than Dolly Parton (especially Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias.) She is the queen of distractions and Christmas cheer.

For the Aggressively Sassy

Final Mean GirlsFirst, Halloween was just a time for childish costumes.  Now, as Mean Girls points out, it is a time for girls to dress like skanks and no one can say anything about it.  I predict that the same thing is about to happen to Christmas. First, they lure us in with all of the wonderful tacky sweaters and then before we know it, we will all be Lindsay Lohan after her Regina George transformation.  We might as well get a head start on Christmas 2016 fashions this year.

For the Psychologically Unstable

beauty and the beast

This outfit comes from the scene where Belle realizes that “there is something there that wasn’t there before.” After the Beast saves her from the wolves, she slowly starts to realize that he isn’t such a monster.  This begins the budding romance between a lady and a beast.  The plot sounds crazy but, Belle makes crazy look chic.  She may talk to cracked ceramics and be interested in dating animals, but she looks provincial life fierce in her winter wonderland cape.

Honorable Mentions: The Weasley’s obligatory Christmas monogram sweaters;  The Love Actually octopus mood killer; Ralphie’s Pink Nightmare; Elf’s yellow tights; Buzz’s Girlfriend…woof; Turbo Man ; Cindy Lou-Who’s Ultimate Bump-it; Bernard The Elf’s fake dreads; The Heatmiser’s perfect ombre hair

Article written by Megan Suttles

I can't decide if I want to use this space to be witty or insightful. I guess it will be neither.