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A Very Dangerous Christmas

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Christmas Time Is Here… Time for Toys and Time For Fear?  Christmas is a time for gathering with your family and celebrating whatever the holiday means to you.  Over the years, however, it has turned into a commercial nightmare pushing millions of toys that are aimed at children, some of which are more popular than others.  However, some of those toys, no matter how hot they are, have proved to be some of the most dangerous items peddled to children.

This year, the most dangerous toy on the market seems to be the so-called “hoverboards” that are making their way around the nation.  We would take them on here, but Saturday Night Live did a pretty good job of that this past weekend.

So, let’s take a look at some other very dangerous Christmas toys from over the years.


Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid

Cabbage Patch Kid

Tell me what could go wrong with a toy who has a mouth that takes anything you put in it and pulls it into its stomach?  How about giving that toy to little girls with long hair, who love to cradle and carry their dolly around the house?  Do you see the problem with that?  Well Mattel didn’t in 1996, when Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid was one of the hottest toys of the year, only behind Tickle Me Elmo, which also came out in 1996.  In January of 1997, Mattel voluntarily recalled the toy after many children got their fingers and hair stuck in the doll’s mouth.  As if Cabbage Patch Kids weren’t already creepy enough…


The Austin Magic Pistol

Magic Pistol

Look, I obviously wasn’t around in the 1950s and 1960s, but from what I understand and have been told, there were a lot of toys made for kids that were extremely dangerous.  Can you imagine if some of these toys were made today, PC Parents and Facebookers would have a heyday over all of this.  Well let me introduce you to one of these extremely dangerous toys.  This is this Austin Magic Pistol.  It looks like your fairly typical space age toy for kids, but there’s one catch, it’s powered by Calcium Carbide.  Calcium carbide is used for steelmaking and was also used to power lamps for coalminers, but proved to be quite dangerous.  The way that the Austin Magic Pistol works is that you put come Calcium Carbide crystals in the back and either add water or even spit to the crystals.  After putting a ping pong ball in the front, the chemical reaction will cause the gun to fire up to 80 feet away.  See for yourself:

No way that exists today…


CSI Fingerprint Kit

CSI Fingerprint

CSI: Lawsuit would be the latest version of the show on CBS if this toy was in circulation.  The CSI Crime Scene Kit was one of many toys based off the show where kids could learn how to do their own science experiments based on the program.  However, the kids who played with this toy could have potentially one of the victims of the show after use.  Just before the Christmas of 2007, there were reports of the CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit having asbestos in the fingerprinting powder.  This was not just any asbestos either, it was one of the deadlier forms of asbestos, which potentially caused lung cancer with just one exposure.  Just like CSI itself, toy stayed on the market way too long, as it didn’t get pulled off the shelves until 2010.


Mainway Toys

Bag ‘o Glass, Bow and Arrow Sets, Pretty Peggy Ear Piercing Set, Mr. Skin Grafter, General Tron’s Secret Police Confession Kit, Doggy Dentist… I could go on, but I’ll let Candace Bergen do that…


What was the most dangerous toy you ever got for Christmas?

Article written by Richmond Bramblet