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2016 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes – M-Z


There are only five days until Halloween. All the good costumes are already sold and the only ones that are left are either too seductive or lame. Last week, I covered the Pop Culture Halloween Costumes A-L. This week, I cover the back half.

Coincidentally, this is also solid Halloween costuming advice. Enjoy!

mM is for Manitowoc County Citizen

Items Needed:

-Budweiser Racing Jacket

-Brendan’s Zip-away jeans

-A flowing beard

There are almost as many Steven Avery innocence theories as there are options for Halloween costumes from Making a Murderer. Every person onscreen seemed to make interesting wardrobe choices or have highly unique haircuts.   Another option would be to dress up as the missing keys the Manitowoc Police Department “found.”

nN is Narcos

Items Needed:

-A healthy mustache

-Floral Shirt

-White Sneakers

-Briefcase full of drug money

Be a Colombian drug lord for one night only! Set mostly in the 1970s and 1980s, there are plenty of fashions that you can try out. Personally, I’m a big fan of his sailor’s knot sweater.

oO is for Olympic Flag Bearer from Tonga

Items Needed:

-Coconut Oil

-Tribal Print Skirt

-Large Flag

-Shark Tooth Necklace

-More Coconut Oil

Pita Nikolas Taufatofua stole the show during the Rio Olympics opening ceremony. His glistening body shined brighter than Gisele, Michael Phelps and all those little kids carrying potted plants.

pP is for Pokemon Go

Items Needed:

-Blue Target Symbol

-Pink Hearts

I don’t know much about Pokemon Go. All I know is that people are bananas about the game. If you would like to do a variation on the costume, just add an “I voted” sticker and tada! You’re Hillary Clinton’s terrible joke “Pokemon Go to the polls.”


qQ is for Quinn, Harley

Items Needed:

-Daddy’s lil monster shirt


-Baseball Bat

-Strategically smudged makeup

Harley Quinn has all the makings of a perfect Halloween costume. Quinn is a little bit creepy and a lot a bit saucy, a truly classy choice.


rR is for The Revenant Bear

Items Needed:

-Typical bear costume

-Oscar statue

There is only one thing that separates a regular bear costume from a The Revenant bear costume–an Oscar. Dicaprio did a lot of grunting and slobbering during the movie, but his tussle with the bear solidified him as the Academy Award winner.


sS is for Shame Septa

Items Needed:

-Bell for Shaming

-Long Robe

– Rope Belt

-Pretentious Attitude

I like all of the obnoxious possibilities that come with this costume. Imagine if someone commits a party foul how much joy you would find shaming them for their indiscretion.

1st Runner-up for S: Shirtless JR Smith


tT is for #TeaLizard

Items Needed:


-Green shirt

-Kermit-shaped collar

In June, Good Morning America renamed the “but that’s none of my business” meme. Their attempt to rank the Internet memes, created the great Tea Lizard confusion of 2016.  Kermit is no longer a frog to me, he is forever the tea lizard.

uU is for the Upside Down Cast

Items Needed:

-Christmas lights to talk to


-A redheaded friend to be Barb

Since the “S” was already taken, this is the next best location for any costume from Stranger Things. There are many options of characters to portray. I look forward to many pictures of babies dressed up like Toothless.  Also, thanks to a few of my friends who helped me claim this costume before it was cool.

vV is Vice Principals

Items Needed:

-Seersucker jacket

-Bow tie


-Sweater vest


Lee Russell dresses like a Southern gentleman with pants that are too tight. He doesn’t avoid mixing patterns and textures. Neil Gamby, on the other hand, is way too fond of the sweater vest. This Halloween duo costume is the perfect solution for  men with receding hairlines.

wW is for Wagner, Brittany

Items Needed:


-A messy bun

-Cute Teacher Clothes

Not to brag, but this costume isn’t far off from my everyday life clothes. You sell this costume by having someone else play the part of the Eastern Mississippi football player that you keep in line.

xX is for Deleted Emails

Items Needed:

-Copy paper with “emails”

-Red Marker for “X’s”

Depending on where your political alliances lie you can look at this costume differently. The emails can be incriminating or they can be LinkedIn account requests. Whichever you choose, be prepared to embrace the debate.


yY is for “A Yuge Fan ”

Items Needed:

-Many, many fans

Ask anybody,Trump is a huge fan of many things. Sometimes, it sounds like he is a “yuge fan” which makes me happy because that fulfills my requirements for a “Y” costume.



zZ is for Zombie Dentist Girl

Items Needed:

-Bloody Mouth Gauze

-Garden Equipment

-Not the worst, already dying dog

With 21 million views the “Brothers Convince Little Sister of a Zombie Apocalypse” YouTube video became an instant favorite. Sweet Millicent and her ornery brothers show exactly how helpful I would be in a zombie apocalypse. It’s barely a costume, but at least it will bring back happy, funfetti memories.

Happy Haunting, Y’all!

Article written by Megan Suttles

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