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Self-Medicating: The WebMD Diagnosis for University of Kentucky Football



University of Kentucky Football is an ailment regional to its namesake Kentucky and can consist of long periods of forlorn abandonment punctuated by manic episodes of uncontrollable rage. This condition can be debilitating in its heightened moments but may present as a dull ache during cooler months of the year.


Are You at Risk?

Those who live in the central area of Kentucky you are especially prone to suffer from University of Kentucky Football, but University of Kentucky football is capable of spreading to any of the state’s borders and occasionally to other regions and states. An attention to family history is also important as you may have inherited signs of Kentucky Football from generations before you. Those at an increased risk include students or alumni of the University of Kentucky, as a vast number of recorded cases over the last ten years have originated on the school’s campus.



-Periods of losing attention to the score

-Periods of anger when attention is called to the score

-Sharp pains for up to sixty minutes once a week

-Increased bourbon consumption

-“Sad face”

-“Sad Bowl”

-Punt fatigue

-Lack of blockages

-Moments of passing followed by moments of sadness

-Invasive red zones

-Route confusion

-Uncontrollable sighing

-Lack of Gatorade immersion


Treatment and Care

There is currently no known cure for University of Kentucky Football, though drastic and experimental measures have in the past yielded periods of temporary relief. In some cases extreme pain can lead, over a long period, to moments of elation (“The Brooksian Effect”), but not always. Certain treatments have been known to curb pain associated with University of Kentucky Football, including:



-Avoidance of newspapers, websites and the last ten minutes of televised news

-Shutting eyes

-Pretending the team you’re watching is Louisville’s team


Quality of Life

Studies have proven it is possible to live with University of Kentucky Football for at least two games per season, but symptoms will inevitably return. Generally the pain subsides in late October to mid-November with increased time spent indoors and around banners.


Getting Help

Support groups are often available conveniently around the state, meeting weekly at taverns and restaurants, and dealing with University of Kentucky football alone is never advised. Should you or a loved one feel you are currently suffering from University of Kentucky Football, please see an athletic director immediately.



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Article written by C.M. Tomlin

All I want is a HI-C and a turkey sandwich. @CM_Tomlin

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    Tomlin, don’t feel bad. I’m sure you’re good at a lot of things.
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    this is why tomlin gets paid the big bucks at KSR

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    Tomlin, your references aren’t in APA style

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    Diagnosis: From a review of the medical evidence and the patient’s known symptoms, it is clear that the core affliction is a growing, if not malignant, tumor emanting from the patient’s central organ system (athletic director’s office). Incorrect diagnosis and a refusal to recognize symptoms has led to the administration of a non-therapuedic, counter-productive, treatment plan (Joker) which has further compounded the disease and allowed metastasis into a major body system (football program). Prognosis: Unless immediate excision of the tumor is performed and a reversal of the current treatment regime, there is little hope of saving the appendage, which further risks the prospect that the condition could adversely affect other vital, healthy body systems (basketball program).

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    Tomlin, as usual, knocks it out of the park

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    Seems like we’ve turned the corner from blind optimism to kickin’ ’em when they’re down. Not sure which is worse.

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    Add the continuous playing of Rhianna/Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” and it this article perfectly describes my abusive relationship with Ky. Football.

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    Just when you think Tomlin can’t get any better, he walks off with this round tripper. 1-3 are obvious D-bags with zero wit.

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    1 i agree the more ksr writes about football the more it looks like they dont know what there talking about

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    This is what you call a Grand Slam down by 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the World Series. Even though it is making fun of the University that I love, I still LMMFAO.

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    11. And what, pray you, are the writers wrong about? Have you actually watched any of the games? Are you happy with the product on the field? I’m usually an optimist when it comes to UK football, but this season has been one of the most depressing I can remember.

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    bravo, Tomlin.

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