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Need-to-Know Wednesday Prints Retractions

A quick one today, ladies and gentlemen, as we all bustle about here preparing to begin the process of crowning the newest KSR blogger. A little housecleaning here today at NTKW. As you are undoubtedly aware by now, Need-to-Know Wednesday is easily the most important column on this site, because it each week delivers Kentucky Sports Radio’s most important news. This is probably because I am a very, very important writer. Please, do not question this.

That said, it falls upon NTKW to ensure that you don’t miss a beat, and today it’s necessary for us to eat some crow — occasionally, we jump the gun here and report news before it’s confirmed. As such, we are required, periodically, to admit to these mistakes and rectify them. Ha, I said “rectify.”

Here today, then, is a brief list of recent KSR missteps that we’d like to make sure are cleared. Please take to heart, accept our apologies for, and exhonerate us in the following KSR retractions.


-About a month ago, we reported that Eric Bledsoe was attacked by a “gray old lady,” which was misleading. This should have read that Bledsoe was attacked by “the Gray Lady” the New York Times.

-We recently reported that Michael Chandler is seriously considering Hillman College. This college does not exist.

-A March piece should have stated that “rumors of John Calipari meeting with the Chicago Bulls are being addressed by administration,” and not — as actually reported — “rumors of John Calipari meeting with the Chicago Bulls are being addressed by Nick Jonas and the Administration.”

-While featuring several newsworthy items, a November 2008 evening post entitled “Hal Linden’s News and Views” contained no actual views.

-A June 2008 post by Thomas Beisner stated that “It’s Midnight and time for some recruiting news.” This statement, read at any other time of the day, is false.

-A recent statement alluding to Alan Cutler combing his hair has lately come to light as being untrue.

-In June of 2007, Bryan the Intern mistakenly supported Sir Isaac Newton’s corpuscular theory of light, which states that light is made up of small, discrete particles which travel in a straight line with a finite velocity and kinetic energy. This theory has since been disproved by theories stemming from Huygen’s dual-wave particle theory of light. He has been fired.

Article written by C.M. Tomlin