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Need-to-Know Wednesday Presents: KSR Retractions



How are you feeling today? You don’t look so great. Sniffling a little, are you? What’s that? I can’t understand your response. Is that spanish? You might want to get that checked out. I’m just saying is all.

As you dedicated readers of the site know, there’s a lot of information flying fast and furious around this site. And sometimes, in our rush to provide you with the most comprehensive news possible, a few facts here or there might fall through the cracks. Today, we here at KSR would like to go back over the last few months and reconcile with you, the readers, over a few of these items that may have been reported erroneously. It doesn’t happen often, thankfully, but when it does, the responsible thing for us to do is own up to it. And thus, friends, today I present to you retractions for some errors we here at KSR might have made over the past several weeks.


Message board comments on this site reported early that major recruit Xavier Henry was a lock to come to UK with Calipari. Henry has, in fact, chosen Kansas.


In late March, KSR reported that Nolan Dennis may ask out of his contract with Memphis and choose UK. Dennis, in fact, signed with Baylor University. We regret that we brought up his name, as since he will now be playing at Baylor, there will be never be any reason for us to ever hear his name or think of him ever again.


In February, our own Bryan the Intern reported in Picks & Clicks that The Goo Goo Dolls were “the greatest band ever” and that “no one rocks harder.” We regret that this is not true, and have since learned there are several bands who rock harder than the Goo Goo Dolls.


A message board poster on this site in January referred to University of Kentucky Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart as “Mitch Barnfart.” We regret any pain this may have caused to Mr. Barnhart and his family.


In March, we reported that John Wall was, in fact, an animated robot featured in a hit summer children’s movie from 2008. It has come to our attention that this was not John Wall, but Disney/Pixar character Wall-E.


KSR contributor Thomas Beisner reported in early April that he really wanted to see Cousins sign at the University of Kentucky. While many perceived this to mean recruit Demarcus Cousins, Beisner meant his personal cousins Steven and Carl Beisner, who both play middle school basketball and are not currently in talks with UK.


On April 24, Matt Jones posted a piece on this site reading “It’s Official: Darnell Dodson is a Cat.” Dodson is, in actuality, a human being, and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


During a February 22 “live blog,” KSR may have given the impression that all members were in fact “live.” While technically true, it should be noted that KSR contributor Chris Mosley was broadcasting his comments from 1955. We also regret that Chris Mosley prematurely introduced “rock n’ roll” during the Hill Valley High School’s Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, and any disruptions in the space-time continuum which may have occurred as a result.

Article written by C.M. Tomlin