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Need-to-Know Wednesday Crowns the Greatest Days in the History of the Program!



How have you been? Hot enough for you (if you live in a warmer climate) or cold enough for you (if you are currently located in a part of the world where the climate is cooler)? I agree! I sure am ready for it to get cooler (warmer climates) or warmer (cooler climates) again. Can’t come soon enough, I say!

After a stellar weekend of our beloved ex-Cats moving forward toward their respective fame and fortunes in Vegas’ Summer League play, it makes me proud — as, no doubt, most of yours as well — of our heroes from this past season. It also makes me think back to Coach Cal’s statement of two weeks ago, that the Cats’ showing in the 2010 NBA Draft was “the greatest day in the history of the program.”

While the statement raised some hackles at the time, it’s since been explained away as mere hyperbole from our excitable coach (and what a reason to be excited) — and let’s be honest: what could be considered the “greatest day” in the program’s history may very well exist as different days for different people.


June 24, 2010

John Wall, a former UK freshman entering the draft, is selected as the number one draftee. Later, he is joined by acclaimed teammates DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, Eric Bledsoe and Daniel Orton in a phenomenal showing for the university. The greatest day in the history of the program.


March 27, 1978

The beloved Joe B. Hall, in Kentucky’s first championship since the exit of Adolph Rupp, leads his crew to a 94-88 victory over the Duke Blue Devils in St. Louis Arena. Jack Givens turns in a career high 41 points to lead the team to the emotional win. The greatest day in the history of the program.


February 4, 2003

The reviled Florida Gators, fresh off of being crowned number one in the country mere hours before pulling into Rupp Arena, are drubbed by the number seven Wildcats. The bragging sportswriters of the Sunshine State are silenced and Matt Walsh and Anthony Roberson are both eaten at mid-court by a Kodiak bear which has escaped from the zoo. The greatest day in the history of the program.


March 9, 1954

One of the greatest teams ever not to win the national title (Rupp refused to allow the team to play), the closing of the 1953-54 season saw Cliff Hagan, Frank Ramsey and company on top of the world with a 25-0 perfect regular season. Also, senior forward Lou Tsioropoulos performs the first successful kidney transplant in medical history. The greatest day in the history of the program.


July 11, 1919

Kentucky head coach George Buccheit, as part of the Treaty of Versailles, becomes the League of Nation’s ambassador from Honduras. The greatest day in the history of the program.


December 30, 1985

Point guard Roger Harden drops twelve points on VMI, donates $30.00 to USA for Africa and goes to see Cocoon. The greatest day in the history of the program.


June 12, 1776

LeRon Ellis: So it is, with these Articles of Confederation, we shall lay the first paving stone in the construction of this new and free land.

Cedric Jenkins: A unity among the thirteen states which will bind us together yet grant us both a collective and individual independence from oppression by which we will thrive as a new society of thinking men progressing toward a mutual goal.

Eric Manuel: Gentlemen! Would you like to shoot some hoops?

LeRon Ellis: Yes.

The greatest day in the history of the program.

Article written by C.M. Tomlin