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Kentucky Sports Radio

University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Following This Call, If You Would Be Interested in Taking a Brief Need-to-Know Wednesday Survey About Kentucky Sports Radio, Please Press One



I know what you probably think about us. You think we’re a bunch of crazy, happy-go-lucky guys — that we probably party every night, go to all the coolest clubs, eat a lot of ham, dress in Ed Hardy gear, get to cut to the front of the line at the key-making store, and can probably get True Blue Fan buttons whenever we want. Sadly, friends, this is only partly true. The part about the ham.

The sobering truth about life at the KSR compound is that we work tirelessly to deliver the best product we can to you, the discerning UK fan. I can’t tell you how many KSR team building exercises have resulted in failed, painful trust falls, ropes course injuries, and aggravated assault. This is all because we only want you to be happy with the quality of service you receive from Kentucky Sports Radio.

That said, we also like to present a questionnaire from time to time to gauge how we’re doing. So, if you have a moment, we’d like to ask you to peruse the following survey. It will help us hone our skills to better work for you in the future. Thanks in advance.


I am:
a.) Male, 15-25
b.) Male, 25-40
c.) Male, 40 or over
d.) Male, 40 or over pretending to be Female, 18-24

My primary reason for reading Kentucky Sports Radio is:
a.) Up-to-the-minute Kentucky sports information
b.) Picks to Click Rants and Ramblings
c.) News
d.) Views
e.) Both C and D

I would like to see more:
a.) Interviews with coaches
b.) Opinions on the progress of teams
c.) Photos of Rob Bromley’s head superimposed on characteristically and traditionally humorous animals
d.) Pictures of Laurence Fishburne’s daughter

I usually read each day’s “News and Views”:
a.) Before I go to bed at night
b.) First thing when I wake up in the morning
c.) When I get to work
d.) Through binoculars while sitting on a tree branch outside Matt Jones’ apartment window as he is typing it

My comment section screen name consists of:
a.) My profession + “cat”
b.) The county where I am from + “catfan”
c.) “UKfan” + my year of birth
d.) A nickname I have, all my life, failed to realize was derogatory

My comments, when I make them, can best be described as:
a.) First
b.) Constructive thoughts about the program
c.) Hilarrius sh*t
d.) #b why don’t you go to another site with your stupid opinions?

When I read KSR, I am usually:
a.) interested
b.) entertained
c.) both A and B
d.) neither A nor B
e.) Naked

I usually find that reading Need-to-Know Wednesday segment of the website wastes:
a.) ten minutes of my life
b.) five minutes of my life
c.) one and a half minutes of my life (speed reading course graduates only)

When I see a photo of attractive women in the “UK Fans of the Day” segment each afternoon, I am usually:
a.) Curious to see if it is someone I know personally
b.) Proud to see the attractiveness of many of the program’s female fans
c.) Pleased to see a positive outpouring for the teams
d.) Naked

My favorite clever accompanying picture on the recurring “Weekend Links” segment is:
a.) A picture of a golf course
b.) A picture of an actual lynx

Would you recommend KSR to a friend?
a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) My only friend is Katman2000 and he refuses to read this site

Would you like to, in the future, provide your personal email address to receive special promotions, merchandise sale announcments and sexy, intimately personal questions or self-photos from Bryan the Intern?
a.) Yes, my email is: _________
b.) No

Thank you for your time. Your answers help us to keep the site running in an efficient manner.

Article written by C.M. Tomlin