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Need-to-Know Wednesday is Rushing the Field!



How goes things? I hope you’re well. Did you enjoy the game this weekend? Good, good.

Let’s talk, for a second, about rabid fandom. You’ve no doubt, by this point in the day, read or heard about Rafael Nadal’s admirer from New York City rushing the court of the U.S. Open last night to kiss him. Nadal, of course, took things calmly and coolly as security caught up with the lovestruck man and whisked him into the back to presumably give him a little “U.S. Open Justice.” But as I watched, I was reminded of the many times in University of Kentucky athletics history that an amorous fan took things a little too far. Hence, we here at NKTW have compiled a top five countdown today, our list of the greatest “admiring fan” moments* over the past several years.


5. Fan tries Dusty Bonner high-five. During a crucial time-out during the Arkansas/UK game on October 2, 1999, a drunken fan hopped the fence in an effort to slap quarterback Dusty Bonner some skin. Instead, he was tackled promptly by security and removed from Commonwealth.

4. Fan bakes cupcakes for Bob Guyette. As the 1973-74 Wildcats headed into the tunnel at halftime of the February 11th game against Auburn, housewife Doris Maltere of Paducah broke through security to reach the burly center bearing cupcakes with Guyette’s face on them. While her attempts proved successful, the cupcakes never made it to Guyette, as teammates Jimmy Dan Connor and Steve Lochmueller intercepted the sweets and hid in a bathroom stall eating them and giggling as Joe B. Hall laid out the second half plan.

3. Fan makes mixtape for Rodney Dent. During the 1992 season opener versus Wright State, a young UK freshman coed tries to slip junior Dent a special mixtape she’s made just for him. The tape, which allegedly featured the popular hits How Do You Talk to an Angel by the Heights, a very special “Rodney Dent Mix” of Snap’s Rhythm is a Dancer and both radio and acoustic versions of Tom Cochrane’s Life is a Highway, never makes it to Dent. However, an interesting postscript to the tale maintains that the mixtape’s version of CeCe Peniston’s We Got a Love Thang is rumored to still be played at every UK sorority and fraternity formal since.

2. Fan tries to spoon John Hutcherson. Few people realize that Hutcherson’s field goal to put Cats up 10-3 at the end of the first half of 1983’s Hall of Fame Classic Bowl almost didn’t happen, as a spoon-crazed fan leapt over the fence at Legion Field and rushed the kicker before being pummeled by security officials who headed the fan off at the pass, allowing the crucial kick to go off without a hitch.

1. Fan attempts to take Wayne Turner to see Untamed Heart, starring Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei. Following the December 5, 1992 game versus Georgia Tech, a fan attempted to accompany Turner to see heartstring-tugger Untamed Heart, then playing at Lexington Green theater. Turner declined politely, but took the fan up on a backup offer to see Look Who’s Talking Now, which they both agreed was funny, but not as good as the original Look Who’s Talking.


Ahh, I remember those moments well, don’t you? Good times, good times. I’ll leave you now to determine your best course of action for hugging Lones Seiber the next time he takes a PAT, and bid you all adieu. Until next week, friends.

*”admiring fan” moments may or may not have occurred.

Article written by C.M. Tomlin