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Why does Draymond Green get a pass for his antics, but DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t?


As we all know, DeMarcus Cousins was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans following the NBA All-Star game last Sunday night. Nearly everyone applauded the move, and rightfully so.

Boogie was able to join Anthony Davis to create the most formidable frontcourt duo the NBA has seen since David Robinson and Tim Duncan. The NBA world was fascinated by the idea of “fire and ice,” the nickname given to the duo by Boogie himself, and the Big Blue Nation went crazy to see two stars of the Kentucky family on the same squad.

For Cousins, it was a much-needed fresh start.

The phrases “toxic,” “crybaby,” “locker room cancer,” “chemistry killer” and countless others have been thrown around in reference to Cousins in his six-year career in Sacramento, none of which appropriately characterize the former Kentucky center. We know him as a big ole’ friendly teddy bear that would give the shirt off his back without thinking twice, combined with a competitive nature, ready to go to war for his teammates.

In the NBA, his incredible character traits have been lost in translation. If you ask the media, at least.

The countless hours of community service and hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to charity aren’t in the headlines. “Santa Cuz” and his time spent helping the less fortunate isn’t publicized.



It’s the temper tantrums, technical fouls, and media blowouts that turn heads. Cousins’ on-court success has been riddled with asterisks since day one.

“He’s a talented player, but…

The Kings held him hostage in a toxic environment, and showed no promise of making significant change around him. Despite developing into the greatest big man the league has seen since Shaquille O’Neal, his “character flaws” shined through.

In Cousins’ world, the “bad boy” persona media placed on him outweighed the talent, and he quickly became a public enemy.

Roughly 83 miles down the road from Sacramento, however, a winning culture has given All-Star forward Draymond Green a free ticket to act how he pleases with little repercussions. And that’s bullshit.

Despite Green’s knack for kicking opponents in the groin, massive outbursts toward officials and coaches, and relentless trash talk, no one seems to bat an eye. It’s been brought up on afternoon sports talk shows on ESPN, but the narrative seems to always fall back on his on-court abilities. He has been able to remain hidden in a cast of All-Stars, and winning has masked the backlash of fines, suspensions, and immense media scrutiny.

He even has several montages on YouTube documenting his dirtiest plays and excessive trash talking:

In the media’s eyes, he’s certainly rough around the edges, but the focus is on the talent he brings to Golden State and how lucky the team is to have him.

Don’t get me wrong, Green is an unbelievable talent and has really found his niche on a championship roster. He’s a big reason the Warriors won the title back in 2015 and went on the most historic regular season run in NBA history the year after. There’s no denying it.

But his antics should be in the spotlight just as much as his impressive highlights.

So why does the media treat DeMarcus Cousins and Draymond Green differently?

For Green, it’s considered “passion” and “competitive nature.” “It’s just Draymond,” they say. He gets a pass because his actions haven’t been detrimental to team chemistry. Yet.

On Thursday night, Green went on an emotional tirade against the Los Angeles Clippers where he lashed out at referees for a call and stormed off the court. His temper tantrum earned him a technical foul, his ninth of the year, but the Warriors still managed to score 123 points en-route to a double-digit victory. The tirade was immediately lost in the shuffle.

Golden State is now 49-9 on the year, and Draymond will continue to be celebrated for his contributions on the floor.

Winning masks all flaws.

When the media discusses Green, they discuss his versatility and unique skill-set as a big man to do all of the “little things” it takes to win a ring. He rebounds well, runs the floor, passes, and he’s a physical scorer. He does it all.

Green was placed beautifully in Golden State, the perfect complement to his game. He has two of the greatest shooters in NBA history with the defensive focus centered on them, and all he has to do is play cleanup duty and reap the benefits. Kevin Durant’s arrival has only emphasized this.

Green will continue to kick opponents and throw temper tantrums, but as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Warriors’ winning ways, no one will care.

For Boogie, he couldn’t have been in a more polar opposite position in Sacramento. Teams were able to double and triple-team him in the post because they were well aware of the rest of the team’s shortcomings. Rudy Gay, an above-average wing by NBA standards, was the only consistent contributor outside of Cousins in his tenure in Sacramento.

The other talent they managed to place around Cousins was moved in various trades for pennies on the dollar. Isaiah Thomas and Hassan Whiteside are now dominating for other organizations with absolutely zero return for Sacramento. But hey, at least seasoned veterans like Kosta Koufos, Arron Afflalo, and Darren Collison have managed to stick around garnering a plethora of minutes. Woof.

When you look at the draft, you see Nik Stauskas, Thomas Robinson, and Ben McLemore, three guys the Kings selected in the top ten. Three shots, and they missed on every one. Two years ago, they drafted former Kentucky star Willie Cauley-Stein at No. 6, a move Kentucky fans were certainly excited for. At the time it was enticing to think of a frontcourt of both Boogie and WCS, but he is absolutely not a guy you build a team around. He’s a complementary asset you add to take your team from good to great.

Sacramento has proven time and time again they are the most clueless front office in all of professional sports. They created a losing atmosphere, and the NBA world expected Cousins to remain sane.

If you wasted your prime years in a barren wasteland of an organization, for a front office that swung and missed time and time again in the NBA Draft, free agency, and trade circuit, you’d realize keeping your composure was nearly impossible. Hell, the only reason he went to the Pelicans among a slew of other offers was because the Sacramento front office felt Buddy Hield was the next Steph freaking Curry.

Seriously. What does that tell you about who Cousins was dealing with?

And let’s not act like the Kings rallied behind their star big man, either.

Throughout his career, Cousins was being actively shopped around the league, but was always told face-to-face he had nothing to worry about, he would not be traded. The front office denied the talks every time. Last weekend, Kings GM Vlade Divac continued to tell the media the rumors were false, even following the All-Star Game. Both Cousins and his agents were assured yet again he was the franchise centerpiece and would never be moved.

He was traded 40 minutes later.

For six seasons, Cousins was condemned in Sacramento, made out to carry more baggage than reward in the long haul. Hell, media members like Bill Plaschke of ESPN said Cousins was unwanted by everyone in the NBA and didn’t deserve to be on the 2016 Olympic roster because he didn’t represent our country well enough. It was a non-stop charade, his flaws were always placed on a golden plate and shoved down everyone’s throats.

Cousins had every reason to be frustrated in Sacramento. I would be, and so would you.

But what is Draymond’s excuse?

Is he winning too much? Is he upset because he has become the fourth option on a championship team? Boo-hoo. Cousins would kill to be in that position.

When Boogie was at Kentucky, he had no problems. Coach Cal loved him, his teammates rallied behind him, and he was a fan-favorite from the very start.

Fighting to be a winner in a losing situation can only last so long before you drive yourself nuts.

The Pelicans have a long way to go before making a legitimate splash in the Playoffs, but a change of scenery was a fantastic step in the right direction for the most misunderstood player in the league. Cousins deserves to be appreciated for his talents, not chastised for his flaws. Especially when Draymond Green is being praised by the talking heads on ESPN for similar behavior.

New Orleans, please develop a winning culture so people can see the real Boogie. The BBN is begging you.


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

Follow me on Twitter: @JackPilgrimKSR

27 Comments for Why does Draymond Green get a pass for his antics, but DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t?

  1. KYcats11
    8:16 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Because he plays for the warriors.

  2. BigBlue4EverUK
    8:22 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Winning Cures a lot,they come down on Draymond also….. and by the way Cousins got another Tech tonight, so he Will be suspended one game

  3. mollydoglikesUK
    9:04 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    He seems to have a fondness for Adams’ balls.

  4. ClutchCargo
    9:15 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    I don’t have a problem with Green, I just think been on a crappy team is the problem. The Kings suck, so it must be the fault of the most passionate guy they can put on the court. Maybe the media has forgotten guys like World Peace, who was a turd on and off the court.

    • fauxbobknight
      10:03 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      The difference is Cousins is the best player on every team he has been on while the 2 guys you mentioned are championship ROLE PLAYERS who can be reigned in by the Coaches & team Captains. If you cant reign in your best player how can you expect the rest of the team to follow orders?

  5. henderblue
    9:38 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    It’s the media’s fault. They are the enemy of the BBN. Maybe some of Cousin’s “alleged antics” is fake news

  6. WeareBBN
    9:45 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Jack you should know by now it is the refs fault. They target him because he went to UK. Don’t you read the messages from 90% of people on here, refs only call fouls on UK guys so in the NBA they T up UK guys.

  7. Good Times
    9:50 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Bill Walton and Dave Pasch started this exact debate during the Cal / Oregon game.

    • Catsby80
      9:24 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      and if you recall, Pasch shut Walton up pretty quickly when he posed the question to Walton. Walton changed the subject pretty quickly when challenged with the “why is green treated differently than boogie” rebuttal.

      for the record, bill walton should not be allowed to call anymore basketball games. he is absolutely awful. also, how does he get away with wearing the home team’s merchandise when he is calling the game? i always thought it was unethical for commentators to wear a team’s apparel on press row…

    • fauxbobknight
      10:06 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      Catsby80- because hes not officiating the game, hes commentating. The commentators have no effect on the outcome of the game.

    • Catsby80
      10:35 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      really? i didn’t realize he didn’t have a whistle and wasn’t out there calling fouls… I’m well aware he has no impact on the game; however, Walton is the only commentator I have ever seen who wears school merchandise while calling a game. It is unethical is all I was saying. Walton is a pompous prick anyways.

  8. katmandue2you
    10:32 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    The unfortunate truth is that DeMarcus is his own worst enemy. Regardless of his deeds off the court his deeds on the court need to change. His timing is perfect in that just tonight he’s demonstrated exactly what I mean. The game hardly gets started and he draws a double technical by initiating some extracurricular with Adams. He then immediately draws another foul while hardly moving or giving any effort on defense and reaching in and fouling Adams. At the end of the game he then fouls out of the game just as he is in the midst of possibly winning the game for the Pelicans on the offensive end. Its not winning behavior. I know Cuz is misunderstood and blah blah blah. And I could care less what Draymond is doing or not doing. I know DeMarcus is not a bad guy and is actually a pretty good guy off the court. But he is one of these personality types that needs to modify….the behavior doesn’t help him. It hurts him. In his first Pelican press conference he states that he is “17 technicals” competitive. Well, if I were the Pelicans tonight would be the opportune time to lay the law down that they are not going to accept this detrimental on-court behavior nor the idea that it somehow is a measure of his competitiveness. He’s grown up a lot. Time to grow the rest of the way up.

    • rockatao
      7:54 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      I will second that. If Tubby had not departed UK, Draymond would have played for the Big Blue. Then, BBN would have absolutely loved him. But since Tubby did leave, who can argue that Draymond made the wrong choice. Any player who avoided the idiot BCG made the right choice.

  9. willmenser
    11:28 pm February 26, 2017 Permalink

    Draymond gets a pass? Look, coming from a Warriors fan, this is simply not at all the case. He got suspended DURING the finals. Literally the WORST time to suspend a player. Plus, he gets tons of hate, name-calling and all sorts of things that Cousins gets. If you watch Warriors games, the refs will almost always call a foul if Draymond touches another player. Anytime there is contact it seems like they have to go to the cameras to see if it’s a flagrant. Teams specifically target Draymond and try to get him to retaliate. I’m sorry. To say Draymond “gets a pass” is completely ignorant. I love Demarcus and Kentucky but that’s just idiotic. I don’t know why U.K. fans have jumped on the “hate Draymond” bandwagon considering he was extremely close to being a Wildcat himself. The real difference between Draymond and Cousins is that Cousins had serious issues with several of his teammates and the front office. Draymond really only has issues on the court. That’s what hurts Cousins, which really it isn’t all his fault, but he certainly didn’t help himself in those situations. Draymond has no outstanding issues with any part of the Warriors organization, similarly to how Cousins was when he was still at U.K.. He fit in, had no issues with the players and was his usual self on the court. Had he fallen into a better situation than the Kings, then I think he might not have been perceived in this light. I hate how Green gets targeted though just because he plays for the best team. Green is an outstanding player, just like Demarcus, and we shouldn’t give either of them crap just because they’re more passionate for their teams and for the game.

  10. daddy43040
    1:07 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

    Why do people lose theyre minds when Trump deports illegals but couldn’t care less when Obama does it?Why do Liberals cry so much when a career criminal robs a store and gets shot but couldn’t care less about the mass murder’s that happen in Chicago?

    • fauxbobknight
      10:32 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      THEY TOOK ER JERBS!!!!!!

    • catsarerunnin
      11:03 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      Those questions are too deep for a Monday daddy. Try again tomorrow.

    • Eazy
      12:50 pm February 27, 2017 Permalink

      Because Trump is a blatant racist and Obama tried to pass immigration reform. And liberals do care about the mass murders. If an unarmed white man got shot for petty theft I’m sure your republican friends would all be upset. Why do republicans care if gay people get married? Why do republicans criticize other religions and try to push Christianity on everyone. Why did republicans support ACA when it was Romney and not like it when it was Obama. The bottom line is both sides are hypocritical and if Obama had been married 3 times you’d be all over him. But it’s okay when Trump does it and brags about molesting women. I’ve yet to meet an intelligent Trump supporter. Even my educated republican friends think he is pathetic. The only people who support him are either racist or just plain ignorant.

  11. Granteater
    2:21 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

    Good stuff. This site needs a lot more Jack Pilgrim and a lot less Nick Roush.

  12. catsarerunnin
    7:49 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

    Love the NBA! More NBA stuff please! I’m serious too!!

    • symphonist41169
      8:47 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      You usually have more intelligent posts. Here, try this:

      Many people that come onto, if not most, couldn’t care less about the NBA. That’s why we log on to KENTUCKY Sports Radio.

    • catsarerunnin
      9:34 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

      I was being VERY sarcastic.

  13. Capurnicus
    8:08 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

    Gets a pass…. lol thats a good one. Nba Finals game suspension was arguably worse then anything Boogie has gotten so far.

  14. BBNLady
    8:25 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

    Some call it anger, I call it passion. Refs tend to call more on him because of his reputation. They expect him to act up and he doesn’t want to disappoint the refs, right? Get em’ Boogie!

  15. truBLU
    8:44 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

    “Why’s the sky blue? Why are boobs good?”

  16. Yeah, I just heard a guy on national radio about a week ago say “They need Draymond! They need that edge!” REALLY??? Even though he cost them a championship last year with his EDGY behavior??? Just how does that translate into a need? Seriously???

  17. fauxbobknight
    10:31 am February 27, 2017 Permalink

    1. Draymond hasn’t gotten a pass for anything. Hes been suspended, fined, T-ed up & Mocked relentlessly.
    2. The reason Draymond Green’s behavior is more accepted/excused is because he isnt the best player on his team and doesn’t share the same leadership responsibilities that Cousins does. Draymond can be reeled in by his coaches & superior players (Kerr/Curry/KD) whereas Cousins cant be (or has yet to be) reeled in by anyone. All of Cousins teammates are looking to him to lead the way on the court and in the locker room and all he has done to this point is walk around with a “Why Me?” attitude while his coaches and teammates make excuses for him. I like the guy and love his game but his reputation wont change until he does.