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What has Charlotte done to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s shot?


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has never had a gorgeous stroke on his jump shot. We didn’t care when he was at Kentucky because he was Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He could’ve kicked the ball toward the rim and we would’ve been perfectly OK with it.

But was it this bad? What has Charlotte done to our MKG?


I remember it looking more like this…


(Still love you, MKG.)

In related news, the Bobcats were knocked out of the playoffs last night by the Miami Heat. MKG finished his first postseason with 8.5 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists per game in the four-game sweep.


We have answers!

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

41 Comments for What has Charlotte done to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s shot?

  1. cris
    11:24 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Mark Price should be beaten to a pulp for turning MKG’s form into this disaster!! Price had perfect form so why not just have MKG emulate you???

    Bizarre to say the least!

  2. TN CAT
    11:24 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    And I thought drafting Cody Zeller was bad.

  3. That looks worse than Wayne Burner Turner’s jump shot.

  4. Casper
    11:29 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Can’t change your shot after 16, or your golf swing.
    Becomes hard wired in the cerebellum.

    • Joe
      12:01 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

      Tiger Woods might disagree….better to say it’s EXTREMELY difficult….but again if what you said is strum, what’s the point of talking fundamentals of footwork after 16? & why do teams practice them & coach on them? So, I’d have to say you’re wrong, you CAN change them, if you care to…

    • Cats 97
      12:04 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

      Ummm…….obviously you didn’t just watch the 30 for 30 on ESPN where they changed Steph Curry’s form after 16. I think that worked out pretty well.

    • Adolph Rupp
      6:30 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

      Casper is correct, can’t change much after 16-17 years of age.
      Trying to change just messes the kid up more.

  5. rickshelton
    11:29 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    I saw MKG shoot free throws at the beginning of the game. Had that same weird form. Glad somebody else noticed.

    • 615CAT
      11:41 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

      I was going to post the same thing. Reminded me of Charles Barkley’s golf swing. I hope he gets help this summer.

  6. Catgrad7072
    11:31 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Looks strange but, is his shooting percentage better?

  7. J
    11:33 am April 29, 2014 Permalink


    For SHAME, Charlotte!!!

  8. tuxedo park
    11:35 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    that looks painful.

  9. amirite
    11:35 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    when they finish reconstructing his jump shot they’re going to need to reconstruct his elbow

  10. Everyone read the article that #1 linked. It’s interesting even if you don’t agree with Mark Price’s approach. I will defer to him since he was a deadly shooter in the NBA and I, well, wasn’t. 🙂

  11. not surprised
    11:44 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Imagine that, a KSR article without any research or actual journalism. Thank you to #1 for actually doing some research. That article sheds a whole bunch of light on the strange jumpshot. Apparently it works as his shoooting percentage has greatly improved. No way. A KSR writer is wrong and misinformed? That just can’t be. That never happens around here.

    • Drew Franklin
      11:47 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

      Thanks for visiting!

    • js2
      12:30 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

      This article was about the work on his shot was July 2013. That is a long time ago, and this is one of the worst looking shots I have ever seen.

      I have watched number Charlotte games this year, and when MKG goes up for a jumper you just cringe. It is a minor miracle if the shot goes in. That is not a good omen for a long-term NBA career.

    • DW
      12:40 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

      @not surprised… what is the URL of the website you write for? Perhaps you have some published literature as well? If you’re such a prolific writer with all the answers, please fill us in… maybe we’ll come visit your highly reputable site… pause… not…

    • Wrong?
      12:48 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

      Wrong? How was he wrong? He just pointed out the funky form. Just because there is additional information that Charlotte is trying to fix it doesn’t make the observation wrong. I didn’t watch the game but just saw him shoot a free throw when I turned it on and thought the same thing.

  12. Forrest Gump
    11:45 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Totally retarded.

  13. js2
    11:47 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    One of the ugliest jump shots I have ever seen. The scary thing is this article is talking about LAST summer.

    MKG has this summer to really improve his jump shot, or I am afraid he will be nothing more than a 20-minute support player.

  14. Dori54
    11:55 am April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Damn!!! That’s a ugly ass shot. I agree, I want answer!! Who in hell told him it was okay to shoot like that???

  15. cat in nc
    12:30 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    I live just north of Charlotte and see the Bobcats quite often. Michael plays great defense but they have killed his confidence on the offensive side. But what do you expect, this is a franchise stupid enough to bypass Nerlens to select Cody Zeller.

  16. Rixter
    12:37 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    He has his chest turned away from the rim.. so he’s kinda shooting off to the side. Strange.

  17. GordonM
    12:43 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Surprised no mentions of basic mechanical stuff. Levers, mechanical alignment, efficiency. Stuff like that.

  18. Luther
    12:47 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    As Billy Packer says, “practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent”…

    It may be too late for MKG…

  19. RC
    1:40 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Unfortunately MKG is likely going to become UK’s worst #2 draft pick in history only behind Sam Bowie. I love MKG as a former Cat but he wasn’t worthy of being the #2 pick. It’s not his fault that Charlotte drafted him that high. This is the same Charlotte franchise that drafted Adam Morrison #3.
    But the FACT is that MKG isn’t a great NBA player and should’ve stayed in school from a basketball standpoint.
    From a money standpoint he was correct in leaving. But from a basketball standpoint- and from a 2nd contract standpoint- MKG made a mistake leaving after 1 season and Charlotte made a major mistake drafting him #2.

  20. Ray in Paducah
    1:44 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Hmmmm… kinda looks like their owner Michael Jordan.

  21. JD
    2:00 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    to me it looks like they have over corrected the form on his shot to make that feel uncomfortable so that when he starts working on a more conventional form it won’t feel uncomfortable from the form he had while at UK. it does look awful, but sometimes you take a few steps backward before you actually improve.

  22. Shawn Marion
    2:02 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    I thought I was the worst.

  23. goUKats
    2:52 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    You should hear the fans at Bobcats games.
    To be honest,MKGs’ shot is horrible to watch,however,he does hit a pretty good percentage at the free throw line.And his game is driving to the basket,not so much shooting jump shots ,and when he does take a shot and it happens to go in,people are amazed.

  24. ThatOneDude
    3:49 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    That is the most janked up shot I have ever seen. It looks like he is about to shoot backward over his shoulder. Wouldn’t THAT be something. Talk about selling tickets.

  25. Bluehills
    3:55 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    MKG is a badass! Form is so pretty, he doesn’t even have to look at the rim. Just look at the top pic. He is squared up to the basket and looking to his right toward the camera in mid stroke. That is called SWAGGER fellas. Tell by the look on his face. Reminds me of Jordan shooting free throws with his eyes closed.

  26. UK in Charlotte
    4:05 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    I live in Charlotte and when I go to the games I see mkg warming up his shot around the free throw line and his shots go in maybe 90 percent of the time. Whatever he does works but as soon as a defender is put on him he can’t shoot. I think it’s more his nerves than anything and when he gets confidence price will work on his form hopefully making it alittle more bearable to watch

  27. zombielibrarian
    5:41 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    Reminds me of what happened to Chuck Hayes’ free throw shooting after he left for the NBA.

  28. B
    5:53 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    That lady in the background of the first pic…. Is she clapping or showing MKG proper form???

  29. Shawn
    6:25 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    OK I get starting from the feet up to fix a shot. But, why would you make everything else horrible while doing It? Did I miss something?

  30. Bryan Stevens
    8:08 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    I agree with Tuxedo Park….it LOOKS very painful…..I turned my head just to see if I was seeing that correctly….i was…painful

  31. Bryan Stevens
    8:10 pm April 29, 2014 Permalink

    It looks like he was standing in front of one those “crazy mirrors” that can distort your image at a carnival