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WATCH: Tyler Herro gets a much-needed golf lesson

Photo: @PlayersTribune

Photo: @PlayersTribune

Now that he’s got a baby on the way, Tyler Herro is getting ready for Dad Life.

The Players’ Tribune hooked the former Cat with professional golf coach Sean Foley for a much-needed golf lesson. Herro took a liking to the sport after being cooped up inside the NBA Bubble last summer at Walt Disney World, but, as you can see below, his shot needs some work:

Keep working with that coach, Tyler, and you can transform your game like Charles Barkley:


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7 Comments for WATCH: Tyler Herro gets a much-needed golf lesson

  1. bosch8184
    2:20 pm June 7, 2021 Permalink

    I don’t understand you people that are so terrible at golf and how you can look so goofy and unathletic. Dude plays in the NBA and he swings like my uncoordinated skinny 7 yearold daughter. Horrid.

    • Bluehender
      2:31 pm June 7, 2021 Permalink

      He’ll get better if he has the desire to. One thing about, he will have the very best coaches, if he wants to pursue it.

    • ClutchCargo
      2:43 pm June 7, 2021 Permalink

      The golf swing isn’t something that comes naturally to the vast majority of people, especially those who are in their early 20’s or older and haven’t really been exposed to the sport as a kid. I would be willing to bet that his golf swing improves more than your outlook on life.

  2. jaws2
    4:22 pm June 7, 2021 Permalink

    Anyone, ANYONE, that’s swung a baseball or softball bat can swing a golf club. It’s an entirely different plane, but it can be easily converted to a decent beginning golf swing. I’ve been teaching for years and always begin at that level. Once you’ve folded the right arm, for a righty’, you can get there. Certainly there’s a lot more to it, but ANYONE could begin there and not look hopeless like that. That’s so bad it looks fake!

    • ClutchCargo
      5:02 pm June 7, 2021 Permalink

      You’re not wrong about that. That’s where I started. Then when I figured out that it’s more like throwing a ball than swinging a bat (at least the footwork and weight shift part of it), it got easier. His hand-eye coordination is way too good for him not to improve a lot by working with that pro, I would imagine. And I can only assume he never played baseball or softball.

    • Bluehender
      6:55 am June 8, 2021 Permalink

      You’re right about that Clutch. I’ve been practicing a step through drill to help me get through the ball to finish on my left side. And that is very similar to a throwing motion.

    • ClutchCargo
      3:41 pm June 8, 2021 Permalink

      Gary Player is about the best I have ever seen at doing that, Bluehender. I’m sure you have watched him plenty, but there were times he could just start walking right out of his follow through.