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Paul Pierce: Rondo is ready to be “the face of a franchise”

Rondo Is Cool

File this under: suck it, haters. Rajon Rondo is finally ready to be a leader and superstar in the NBA, according to former Celtics captain Paul Pierce.

While discussing the trade that shipped him out of Boston, as well as what lies ahead for his former organization, Pierce spoke at length about Rondo with The Boston Globe, dismissing much of the negative talk that has followed the former Cat throughout his career.


“Without question [he can be the man in Boston],” Pierce said. “I’ve already talked to Rajon; Rajon’s mature. People talk about the relationship with Doc, and they probably had their best years over the last two years. So I don’t think that was a reason for Doc leaving. I’ve heard that, but that wasn’t a reason for Doc not coming back.

Rondo is one of the best players in the league. He’s a guy who can be the face of a franchise. He’s won a championship, he’s been an All-Star. There’s a lot of organizations who don’t even have a face of that caliber. I definitely think he’s matured and can handle a lot. I talked to him and he’s ready for the challenge. He knows that it’s his team. He knows he has to be a leader, and from being around me and Kevin [Garnett] and seeing how we work.”


There you have it, straight from The Truth’s mouth (who, by the way, now plays for the C’s divisional rival): Rondo isn’t the immature coach-killer that everyone seems to think that he is. So lay off, critics. Go complain about Russell Westbrook or something.

Article written by Andrew McCarthy

7 Comments for Paul Pierce: Rondo is ready to be “the face of a franchise”

  1. Bilbo
    5:47 pm August 19, 2013 Permalink

    The biggest critic is Matt Jones…he doesn’t like rondo for whatever reason. He defends cuz no matter what immature decision he has made but not rondo.
    Rondo has never been in any trouble. Matt has a personal problem maybe with rondo maybe because he didn’t speak with the big headed matt Jones while he was at UK. Rondo and Ram el

    Didn’t like each other so Matt acts like a high schooler and doesn’t like him either

  2. Okaaaayyy....
    6:11 pm August 19, 2013 Permalink

    I know he is try to be nice and supportive of Rondo but seriously Paul Pierce has to know in his heart of hearts that the Celtics have been Rondo’s team for like the last year or two. The work Rondo put in during the last few playoff runs has demostrated that. But yeah I guess that’s nice of him to say after the fact.

  3. schwing
    6:43 pm August 19, 2013 Permalink

    eff rajon rondo.

  4. everytime you say that
    7:43 pm August 19, 2013 Permalink

    #3 patrick sparks is that you??. Lmao

  5. everytime you say that
    7:47 pm August 19, 2013 Permalink

    1) I agree. I actually met rondo once. He seemed really down to earth. T.jones, not so much. No biggie.still a t.jones fan, although that incedent in houston doesn’t suprise me.

  6. trey
    7:48 pm August 19, 2013 Permalink

    there’s 2 types of people who wear sunglasses indoors, blind people and assholes

  7. Eastern High Grad
    4:06 am August 20, 2013 Permalink

    I went to high school(00-03) with Rondo and he a real down to earth type of guy…seen him on campus @ UK and he was still friendly…seen him after he got drafted in the club and he was still friendly towards me…on all of those occasions i seen him he approached me and knew me by name and was a real genuine down to earth type of guy…my point is he a real chill type of guy if you know him personally as for strangers you might have different results tho