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Golden State Warriors sign Mychal Mulder to multi-year contract

(Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

(Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

How about our boy Mychal Mulder, y’all? After receiving a 10-day contract from Golden State at the end of February and working his way into the starting lineup, the former Cat has signed a multi-year contract with the Warriors, the terms of which have not been disclosed.

During his initial 10-day stint with the Warriors, Mulder averaged 12.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 1.3 assists in 29.5 minutes, playing in all six games and starting two. He hit 16 threes, including five in a win over Denver on March 3. He turned in a career-high 18 points in Golden State’s win over Philadelphia on March 7. Prior to joining the Warriors, he averaged 17.0 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 1.7 assists for the Sioux Falls Skyforce in the G-League.

“Mych is fantastic, a really good player, good defensively as well, and we’re lucky to have him,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said on Saturday. “I know this was the final day of his 10-day, but we’re anxious to get him back some way.”

Awesome. Congrats, Mychal.

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23 Comments for Golden State Warriors sign Mychal Mulder to multi-year contract

  1. CombatMedic_98
    2:25 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

    I wonder why he sat the bench mostly for CAL when he was here…hmmm!

    • Bobbum Man
      2:58 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

      Beeeecause the guys who played over him are already in the nba and have been for years?

    • nocode96
      3:30 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

      Forgot about you combat, had hoped you’d disappeared. Alas, here you are. As bobbum mentioned, he sat behind lots of guys who didn’t need several years to find an nba team. And I’m sure you don’t remember, but for the most part when mulder did get a chance, he was underwhelming.

      And Matthews did some good things for Michigan, but you’re being pretty generous with your all caps “went off” thing. He did well…for Michigan. So well in fact that he went undrafted last year and currently isn’t even playing. He averaged 12 and 13 ppg in his two years at Michigan, explain to me how that’s GOING OFF.

    • CombatMedic_98
      3:49 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

      LOL…glad you remember me now.

  2. CombatMedic_98
    2:26 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

    We lost a great one to Michigan too few season back and Charles WENT OFF…

    • StillBP
      7:02 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

      If he was so great, where is he now? Killing it in the NBA? I guess the MI coach failed him, I don’t see him on any NBA rosters.

  3. CALfacts
    2:44 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

    Wow, another player under used in Coaches system! I wonder if Allen will ever see any useful mins when healthy? Sometimes I feel Cal puts blinders on way too soon. Didn’t we have a top prospect leave just a couple months back?

    • Bobbum Man
      2:51 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

      Ur so familiar with the program and Cals “system” but u can’t remember if we had someone leave this season?

    • RAGE
      2:59 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

      I think Allen will play next season and significant minutes or will def get the chance… I just think coming off both injuries he had that he is probably not in good shape

    • The Big Lebowski
      2:20 am March 11, 2020 Permalink

      Bobbum can’t detect sarcasm.

  4. bigbluebg
    2:47 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

    He struggled here. But Cal does occasionally bench guys instead of letting them play through mistakes. Happy for the guy. Well deserved.

  5. Matty Arbuckle
    2:56 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

    Some real haters on here. Mulder prolly would not have gotten a real NBA look without Cal and UK. Nice to see this man succeed when given the opportunity.

    • Bobbum Man
      2:59 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

      Just combat rotating through some of his profiles to agree with himself

  6. IrishCat
    3:28 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink


  7. ibescootch
    4:30 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

    Why can’t you just be happy he finally made it instead of blaming Cal it anyone else? He was in control of his abilities when he was here, and if he didn’t shine, he got played over. It’s that simple. And then he went to the G-league and played well, worked on his game, and took his opportunity when it came.

    That’s not knock on Cal or UK. If someone else plays better than him, why in the world would he play Mulder instead?

  8. EdC
    5:32 pm March 10, 2020 Permalink

    Kentucky is running so many player through that I can’t remember anything about Mulder. I had to go search to see if anything rang a bell.

  9. The Big Lebowski
    2:29 am March 11, 2020 Permalink

    Mulder wasn’t going to get big minutes on that team. Mulder had SEC Player of the Year Monk, Fox and Diallo in front of him. Fox (5) and Monk (11) were Lottery Picks.

    Where was Mulder going to steal minutes?

    One of you guys pls explain to me how you would have played Mulder over Fox, Monk or Diallo.

    • The Big Lebowski
      2:33 am March 11, 2020 Permalink

      The next year, he played behind Ullis, Briscoe and Murray. Dawkins was also ahead of him in the rotation.

      Where were his minutes coming from?

      Somebody teach me that math.

    • The Big Lebowski
      2:35 am March 11, 2020 Permalink

      Actually, reverse that history. lol

  10. The Big Lebowski
    2:41 am March 11, 2020 Permalink

    On another note, why didn’t Briscoe come back for a 3rd Year? He only average 12ppg. He went undrafted and has played almost exclusively overseas.

    I wonder how much these guys make over there.

    I had no idea that he was Kyrie Irvings cousin.

  11. Miller45
    4:44 pm March 11, 2020 Permalink