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D. Book is ready to be the face of the Phoenix Suns.

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A couple of days ago, Devin Booker sat down with Paul Corozo from AZCentral to talk about how he felt his rookie season went. I would say it went really well considering he’s the fourth youngest player in the league’s history to score 1,000 point, joining the ranks of LeBron, Kobe, and Kevin Durant. The 19 year old will have to continue to grow and “[…] develop a mind-set of reading defensive patterns, [which] will happen with experience,” his head coach says. But either way, Booker is ready to be the face of the Suns franchise.

“It’s a dream come true, especially at this young of an age,” Booker told Corozo. “I always dreamed at one point in my life that I’d be that guy. [I] never knew it’d be this soon. Here in Phoenix, I love it here, so it’s exactly what I want to be. It comes with a lot of pressure but it’s a good pressure to have. It’s something I always wanted.”

To read the whole article and see his interview with Corozo, head over here or click through the screenshot below.



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9 Comments for D. Book is ready to be the face of the Phoenix Suns.

  1. BTownUKFan
    8:58 pm April 17, 2016 Permalink

    Only Durant and Booker spent a year in college. Kobe and Lebron went straight to the NBA. Pretty amazing stuff! !

  2. Dr. Tom
    9:04 pm April 17, 2016 Permalink

    Congratulations Devin on a great rookie season. Not only will you be the face of the Suns but you are already a tremendous ambassador figure for the UK program. Keep making us proud and never ever walk into a tattoo parlor!!

  3. @CaytsCaytsCayts
    9:24 pm April 17, 2016 Permalink

    Not sure if Booker hit a wall or what, but he really shot poorly the last couple of months … they were playing him a ton of min, though … great rookie experience. Big fan of Book, hope he has a great sophomore year … interesting that he’s been seen with Cal lately, too … maybe helping recruiting?

    • King Ghidora
      1:29 am April 18, 2016 Permalink

      Hit a wall? The last couple of months? Are you talking about Devin Booker? In March he shot 43% and averaged 22 ppg. He had 5 games of 30 points or better. That sure doesn’t sound like someone who “shot poorly”. In fact it sounds like someone who did a great job. If he had played as many minutes early on as he did late he may have set records that would not be broken for a long time. His first 20 games he averaged just over 10 minutes per game. During March he averaged almost 38 mpg. I’m pretty sure he would have scored a lot more if he had a played a lot more early on.

    • King Ghidora
      1:46 am April 18, 2016 Permalink

      BTW for comparison sake, Lebron averaged 41 minutes for his first month in the league. He played over 40 minutes in 60 games. He had over 1000 minutes more than Booker for the season. He was Cleveland’s primary scoring option from the word go. Obviously if Booker had played that many minutes during the entire season he would have great exceeded his 1048 point total by a large margin. I don’t know that he would have matched LBJ’s 1600 points as a rookie but he might have been close. Durant scored about 1600 also with about 600 more minutes than Booker. Kobe only scored less than 600 points his rookie year. His 1000 points came over 2 years. He didn’t play in college so he had a jump start on Booker.

    • @CaytsCaytsCayts
      7:54 am April 18, 2016 Permalink

      not trying to argue, but here’s what i meant by playing more min and not shooting as well the last couple of months … here’s min/game and 3% by month:

      Oct: 12.0 min – 50.0%
      Nov: 12.2 min – 61.5%
      Dec: 19.2 min – 50.0%
      Jan: 33.6 min – 35.2%
      Feb: 33.1 min – 32.7%
      Mar: 37.7 min – 28.4%
      Apr: 34.0 min – 28.9%

    • @CaytsCaytsCayts
      7:59 am April 18, 2016 Permalink

      i’m not knocking him, like i said, i’m a fan … i didn’t expect him to keep shooting 50% from 3 of course … just ended up playing a lot of min for a rookie … started 51 games for a rookie, only 19 years old … can’t wait to see him next year

  4. DelrayCat
    10:23 pm April 17, 2016 Permalink

    The problem being Booker’s rise means the fall (or trade?) or one of his fellow cats (My guess is PHX trades both Knight and Goodwin this offseason). I can’t envision a scenario where all 4 remain with the Suns. However, that may be a good thing…especially for Archie.

  5. CatBlue in LR
    4:26 pm April 18, 2016 Permalink

    That picture does not look like they’re sitting down to me. Jes sayin’…