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Completely mind blown by John Wall’s criminal doppleganger


I’ve stared at this picture on and off since 8 a.m. this morning and it’s time I finally share it. Look at that guy. Tell me it’s not John Wall in 10 years. That’s John Wall in the future. He’s old John Wall. That’s post-NBA career John Wall. We are looking into a crystal ball right now and it looks rough for the Wizards point guard.

But let’s hope it’s not old John Wall because that guy in the photo, Arrico Martin, was arrested recently, in the D.C. area of all places, for attacking a female outside a school as the school let out. He was charged with second-degree and attempted second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and disruption of school activities.

Enough about his arrest, though. Let’s talk about how much he looks like John Wall. Is it John Wall? It is, isn’t it? What is life right now?

Hey John, don’t attack anyone outside a school in 10 years. Consider this moment part of the butterfly effect. With this warning we are saving your future right now.

That’s John Wall.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

20 Comments for Completely mind blown by John Wall’s criminal doppleganger

  1. 2bigblue4u
    6:07 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    What is going on???????? Is he a terminator?

  2. Karlito
    6:14 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    I can already see Cowherd having a field day if he gets his hands on this picture.

  3. Big Al and the Boys
    6:15 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    Is he a Looper?

  4. Jus sayin
    6:25 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    I know you are just joking… but this will end up as meme on instagram and twitter first then somebody will legit claim its John Wall.

  5. MadOtter
    8:19 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    Pretty sure I ran into this guy, in a dive bar in Cincy in 2011, the night before a Buffett concert. He was hanging with a Big Cuz doppelganger(no joke)and claimed he’d never heard of John Wall, but was treated unusually cordial at a party, while passing through Lexington. I even saw Drew Franklin the next day at Buffett during tailgate festivities, and told him the story. Don’t think he believed me, though. Lol.

    • Shane Battier
      10:08 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

      Well, that’s great…

  6. john
    8:20 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    Don’t u have anything better to do!

  7. Angelo
    8:23 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    Why post this picture?! John Wall is a UK hero. He should be very offended by this. This is not funny. Drew your mind must have been blown… Please no more criminal doppelganger posts.

    • Ryan
      9:02 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

      Shut up. People are offended about everything. Choose not to be offended and lighten up.

    • Dude
      9:39 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

      Angelo is a f%&*ing weirdo.

    • Dude
      9:44 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

      Hahaha… and he claims…. hahaha…. to be a surgeon!!! Hahahahaaaaa!

    • Angelo
      10:47 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

      Ok, you can post arrest pictures of the Dude.

    • Dude
      11:49 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

      Good luck finding any.

      Casper, is that you?

    • Casper
      1:43 am June 27, 2015 Permalink

      Casper is a ghost…

    • Dude
      2:37 am June 27, 2015 Permalink

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure Casper and Angelo are the same person, judging by their weird ass posts.

  8. Not so fast
    9:09 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    Ghost of Christmas future showing John Wall what his life would have been had he chose to attend UL

  9. GroundControlToNumber9
    9:23 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    What’s the big deal?

    Wilt Chamberland claims to have slept with 10,000 women.

    If John Wall’s dad was half the pimp John is, then John would clearly have a bunch of half brothers around his age in the Washington DC area.

    That’s life in the jungle.

  10. UJellyBiiiii
    10:26 pm June 26, 2015 Permalink

    @9 “That’s life in the jungle?”

    What the **** is that supposed to mean?

    I’m aware the comment section is in a Bobbi Kristina like state, but come on now…


    • GroundControlToNumber9
      8:32 pm June 27, 2015 Permalink

      I was obviously mistaken, any ghetto (white, black, yellow, or green) isn’t a jungle… it’s like Disneyland. There, PC enough for ya?

      When people don’t like the sound of the truth they like to change the subject.

  11. Perfect Patterson
    1:39 am June 27, 2015 Permalink

    This is John and Lebron’s love child. Hauntingly awesome