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Can the Pelicans get the upset tonight? Tune in and see.

Photo: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Turn on TNT to see the New Orleans Pelicans PeliCATS take on the Golden State Warriors in the first game of Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs.

All of the “analysts” have picked Golden State to win the series, but seeing how New Orleans is playing, it’s not a sure thing. Anthony Davis knows that.

“We know that we can beat them,” Davis said after practice on Friday. “We’ve done it in the regular season. And we’ve been in every game that we lost [against them] so we know that we’re a good matchup against these guys and we’ve got a lot of confidence in ourselves.”

The Pelicans won 1-of-4 against the Warriors in the regular season. The one win was without DeMarcus Cousins.

Without Cousins, Davis has been playing out of his mind. And enough to pull off the upset.

In the playoffs, Davis is averaging 33 points, 11.8 rebounds, 1.8 steals, 2.8 blocks and shooting 57.6 percent from the field.

If Davis keeps this up against Golden State, the Pelicans PeliCATS can and will upset the Warriors because who is going to guard him? Draymond? Nope. Durant? Nope.

I’m calling it now. Pelicans in 7. Let’s go.

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Article written by Kindsey Bernhard

Lover of dogs, sports and beer. @kindseybernhard

7 Comments for Can the Pelicans get the upset tonight? Tune in and see.

  1. Luether
    11:59 pm April 28, 2018 Permalink

    Can the Pelicans get the upset tonight?


    • 4everUKblue
      9:19 am April 29, 2018 Permalink

      You realize NO one likes you right?

    • Peas and Carrots
      10:38 am April 29, 2018 Permalink

      I like his signature incorrect use of ellipses. I also like his consistency and simplicity of negative comments. He’s an effective troll because he’s able to get under people’s skin with little thought and minimal effort in his comments. It’s kind of endearing though, that he thinks so highly of UK athletics and KSR that continuously spends his personal time following the program, reading articles, and giving this site clicks and comments, regardless if they are negative. He puts more personal energy into UK athletics and this site than the average fan and for that I commend him. For whatever reason, we bother him more than he bothers us.

  2. wyatts1
    12:21 am April 29, 2018 Permalink

    Can the pelicans win a away game this series. Is the question, and I think they can. I think they are capable of winning their home games but they gotta play some D.

  3. m4ff3w
    12:21 am April 29, 2018 Permalink

    Miller’s 3 from the free throw line was amazing. The only nice thing about 2nd quarter….

  4. Rick_S
    2:49 am April 29, 2018 Permalink

    LMAO..What a question….lol

  5. RobBBN10
    9:25 am April 29, 2018 Permalink